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Thursday, March 08, 2007

iPod - How to Repair & Replace the Battery - 3rd Gen - Step-by-Step Guide (Video)

Is your iPod dead and in need of repair? Is your battery no longer holding its charge or dies way too quickly? If so, this how-to instructional tutorial is the guide for you! With it, you will be able to quickly repair your 3rd generation iPod and install the replacement Apple iPod battery! Your iPod will be back to normal in no time!

There are two requirements that you need to have in order to complete this guide quickly. First you will need a shim tool in order to take apart your iPod. Secondly, and most obvious is that you will need a replacement iPod battery.

Note: This procedure will effectively void your Apple iPod warranty.

1. Place your Apple iPod face down on the surface you are working with. Insure that the surface is clean or the LCD screen on your 3rd Generation iPod is protected so it does not become scratched. Make sure your leave your iPod's hold switch in the hold position.

2. Insert the shim tool in the middle of your iPod along the left side between the silver metallic back cover and your colored skin face to your Apple iPod.

3. Carefully work (slide) the shim tool back and forth along the side of the iPod to release the tabs which enable the cover to be released.

4. Remove the cover slowly, and place to the side as it will still remain connected to your Apple iPod. You will now be able to access the hard drive.

5. Lift your hard drive from the top of the iPod and rotate it towards the bottom of the iPod where it is still connected.

6. Rotate the hard drive to the right and it so the connecter snap disengages and enables you to access the battery for replacement.

7. Disconnect the power connector of the battery from the iPod and remove the battery from the iPod case.

8. Place your new battery inside your iPod, and connect the power cable to your iPod. Be sure and tuck the power wire securely inside of the case so it is not crimped or damaged when you re-assemble your iPod.

9. Reconnect your hard drive by first attaching the connector snap and then placing your hard drive within the unit.

10. Lastly, replace the cover on your iPod by rotating in back. Snap the right side first and complete the reassembly by snapping the left side of your iPod.

Congratulations, you have completely fixed and repaired your Apple iPod by replacing the battery.

Here is a video from YouTube that helps to demonstrate these steps: