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Thursday, March 08, 2007

iPod - How to Repair & Replace the Battery - 4th Gen - Step-by-Step Guide

Nothing is worse than having a dead iPod or one that is in need of repair! Is your battery no longer holding its charge or dies way too quickly? If so, this how-to instructional tutorial is the guide for you! With it, you will be able to quickly repair your 4th generation iPod and install the replacement Apple iPod battery! Your iPod will be back to normal in no time!

There are three requirements that you need to have in order to complete this step-by-step guide quickly for the 4th Generation Apple iPod. First you will need a shim tool in order to take apart your iPod. Secondly, and most obvious is that you will need a replacement iPod battery (some of the links on this page can help you find them cheap). Lastly, you will need a T6 Torx bit screwdriver in order to remove the battery correctly

Note: This procedure will effectively void your Apple iPod warranty.

1. Place your Apple iPod face down on the surface you are working with. Insure that the surface is clean or the LCD screen on your 3rd Generation iPod is protected so it does not become scratched.

2. Insert the shim tool in the middle of your iPod along the left side between the silver metallic back cover and your colored skin face to your Apple iPod.

3. Carefully work (slide) the shim tool back and forth along the side of the iPod to release the tabs which enable the cover to be released.

4. Remove the cover slowly, and place to the side as it will still remain connected to your Apple iPod. You will now be able to access the hard drive.

5. Flip up the tab on the connector that holds the hard drive to the connector on the iPod and slide out the hard drive.

6. Disconnect the power connector of the battery from the iPod.

7. In the 4th generation Apple iPod for some strange reason, Apple ran the power cord underneath the logic board on your iPod. Unscrew the T6 Torx screw right next to the connector.

8. Lift up the corner and slide the power cable underneath the logic board to fully expose it.

9. Now to remove the battery. You need to be very careful and steady here as two adhesive strips fix the battery to the case. Some guides recommend heating up the unit, but that is unadvised as it could damage other parts of your iPod. Patiently work with the battery until it comes loose - be very careful not to break the plastic tabs on the side of the cover.

10. Place your new battery inside your iPod, run the power cable underneath the logic board and reconnect the power cable to your iPod. Be sure to make sure the power wire is securely inside of the case so it is not crimped or damaged when you re-assemble your iPod.

11. Replace the T6 Torx bit screw.

12. Insert the hard drive and snap the connector to secure the hard drive.

13. Snap the back cover on your Apple iPod and it is ready to go.

14. Switch the hold switch back over and turn the iPod on. If you get the Apple logo, you've completed it successfully.

15. Once you get the Apple logo, be sure to charge your iPod for 8 hours to properly condition your battery before the first run. Failing to do so may shorten you battery's life significantly!

Guide Compatible with: Apple iPod white, Apple iPod black, Apple iPod Red, Apple iPod Pink, Apple iPod Green, Apple iPod Blue, Apple iPod 30GB, Apple iPod 80GB, Apple iPod 40GB, Apple iPod 20GB, Apple iPod Photo, Apple iPod U2