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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blackberry - 8700 Tear Down and Take Apart Tutorial - Step-by-Step Guide

There are a number of reasons that you may need to take apart or tear down your Blackberry 8700 series. These reason might include:

  • Fixing a stuck key on the keypad
  • Fixing a broken, bent, or sticking click wheel
  • Replacing the plastic nubs for the on/off and mute buttons
  • Replacing a cracked, gouged, or broken faceplate
  • Fixing stuck pixels, a burnt in, cracked, shattered or broken LCD display screen

Regardless of your reason, I have put together this quick Blackberry tear-down and take apart guide. Using it, you should be able to quickly remove and disassemble your Blackberry 8700 series cellular (mobile) phone.

Here is the step-by-step instructions to do it yourself:

1. Place your Blackberry 8700 series mobile phone face down to expose the back.

2. Place your finger on the button at the botton and slide the back down. As it slides down it should disconnect and you should be able to set it to the side.

3. Remove the battery from the Blackberry 8700 series. Lift up on the battery from the top and rotate out until it disconnects. The is a spot on the upper left where your finger will fit. Once the batter is removed, the SIM card is exposed.

4. Just below the SIM card is a black tab that will release the SIM card from the Blackberry unit. Push the black plastic tab down and with your index finger, slide the SIM card down. As it slides down, it will release from the holder.

5. Remove the three TORX T5 screws in the locations picture below. They are all the same size, so no need to remember which locations they came from.

6. Starting from bottom of the Blackberry 8700, pull apart the rear casing (backplate) from the rest of the phone. There are multiple clips that release as you pull it apart. It will take some effort to separate the two, be careful that you do not break the clips.

7. Remove four additional screws (pictured below) that hold the center logic (motherboard) board to the faceplate.

8. Separate the front of the faceplate from the board again by pulling from the bottom up. No clips are attaching the faceplate to main board and it should pull cleanly. The plastic nub around the headphone / USB jack should come loose.

9. Take the main board with the LCD display screen facing you. There is a clip in the upper left hand corner that holds the ribbon connector for the LCD screen fastened to the Blackbery 8700. Lift up on the small black plastic clip to free the LCD ribbon connector. Be careful not to damage the plastic clip.

10. Turn the main board over. There are four clips that hold the LCD display screen to the main logic board (see picture). Start on one side (opposite of the LCD ribbon cable) and loosen the two clips. Then loosen the two on the other side. The LCD display screen will separate from the main board easily.

11. Remove the keypad from the faceplate, it should just fall out. After this is complete, the rest of the guide will help you assemble your Blackberry 8700 Series.

12. Place the keypad back into the faceplate and make sure it fits snuggly.

13. Putting the LCD display back on the main board of the Blackberry 8700 can be a little tricky. What you want to do is start on the left side, where the ribbon cable attaches. Slide the ribbon cable all the way into the connector and close the black plastic tab. Then clip in the same side of the LCD screen. Lastly, clip in the other side of the LCD screen. Be sure to clean both the LCD screen and the inside of the faceplate before continuing.

14. Insert the top of the mainboard into the faceplate. There is a lip that it needs to be slid into.

15. Replace the 4 screws that attach the board to the faceplate.

16. Snap on the backplate (back plate) to the rest of your Blackberry 8700 starting from the top and snapping downward to attach the clips.

17. Replace the last three screws.

18. Replace your SIM card and battery.

19. Slide the back cover onto your Blackberry 8700 series unit and you have completed the faceplate replacement!

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This guide is compatible with or the compatibility includes: BlackBerry 8700g, BlackBerry 8700r, BlackBerry 8700v, BlackBerry 8700f, BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8707v, RIM 850, Blackberry 8700, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry 8705g, Blackberry 8703e


Anonymous said...

I somehow found your site while searching for a blackberry teardown manual. A few questions if you have the time. If not, I understand:

i) is it relatively easy to replace the wheel? Can you replace a roller wheel from a Blackberry 7750 and put it in a 7250 (my situation)?

ii) where can I find one of those screwdrivers to remove the TORX T5 screws?

iii) do you think the screws are the same size on model 7250 and 7750...said another way, do I need two different screwdrivers?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Hanscom said...

i) Based on the tear-down of my 8700, I'd say yes.
ii) I picked up a nice set off of eBay for about $11 shipped.
iii) I would suspect that they all use Torx. Get a set that has the various sizes and you should be set!

Bruno Brunetti said...

First off, nice blog - I enjoyed spending sometime on this site. I'll most likly be visiting again, as I'm sure I'll be looking at an 8800 within a year or so if my wheel becomes an issue with wear overtime.

I'm a new BB user (8703), got it in April 07. I love this unit. Use it everyday, pretty hard – business use. Over the past few weeks I've noticed that the wheel is not clicking in properly, it does not go in after I press it as far as it did when it was new. It's becoming hard to use actually. RIM is sending me a referb. But I really like my unit, no scratches, looks like new! If they send me some crappy unit I may just send it back.

I was planning on looking up a site to replace the bad wheel myself. So I have a few questions. 1) Is it common to have these wheels go bad? 2) How easy would it be to replace the wheel?

I know they loosen overtime, but it’s only been 3 months?

I'm going to drill down on your site a bit more to get a better feel of the job, but I'm wondering if I get a refurb unit from RIM, if this is going to happen again. I might of just learn how to fix it.

Ken Hanscom said...

Bruno, I had really good luck with my 8700C. My click wheel never wore out in the 16 months I had it -- and I use it heavily. It even survived several international trips including Germany, and India. Hopefully your refurb unit will be good to you.

It's not overly difficult to replace the click-wheel and should be able to get it done in 10 minutes once you have the unit disassembled.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial it was very help full. To that other person i bought the t5 screw driver at the Home Depot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great site. Where's the best place to get a replacement click wheel? Are the click wheels all interchangeable between models?

Ken Hanscom said...

Most 8700 versions should be compatible and eBay is probably your best bet. May even consider a "broken" 8700 that can be used for parts from there.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there demonstrate how to tear down a Blackberry 8830? Any helps much appriciated. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Link to tear down of 8830, hope this helps

Michael said...

Thank you so much i fixed my blackberry with your help with no parts needed THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial - one small error: they aren't T5 torx screws, they are T6 torx screws.

Be sure to get the right size screwdriver.

Anonymous said...

I took apart my 8700r and re-assembled it, no problems. Well, that is until I received my first phone call and realized that the person on the other end could not hear me. Then call after call went the same way. My mute is definitely no on. Is this just a big coincidence, or did I really screw something up?

Ken Hanscom said...

Hard to really tell, but regardless I would disassemble, blow some canned air on the components and then re-assemble to see if that corrects the issue.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, thanks for the tips. I have a question. I have a blackberry 8120 and know how to break it down but my microphone is out and I don't know how to remove it and replace it with a new one. Any suggestions. I can't seem to find out anywhere. I have found the part but no instructions.

Steve said...

First off, thanks for the instructions! I needed to open my blackberry and dry it out...Don't ask. :)

On Step 6, were you have to remove the back plate, it's actually pretty easy. With the blackberry LCD facing down, push the bottom portion up and forward. While doing this, use a small flat head screw driver and put into middle 2 slots. This is shown in step 5's picture. This will unlatch the the 2 main clips. Now gently pull out and down to remove the clip at above the speaker!

Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for the instructions! I needed to open my blackberry and dry it out...Don't ask. :)

On Step 6, were you have to remove the back plate, it's actually pretty easy. With the blackberry LCD facing down, push the bottom portion up and forward. While doing this, use a small flat head screw driver and put into middle 2 slots. This is shown in step 5's picture. This will unlatch the the 2 main clips. Now gently pull out and down to remove the clip at above the speaker!

ARIN said...

Thanks for the detailed guide. Manage to dismantle my unit but failed to do maintenance on the side roller. quite fragile to pull out and clean the dust.

Anonymous said...


Just a couple of tear down/faceplate replacement suggestions:

First, to disassemble the unit, remove the back first, then there are two screws to remove the front. Your description shows both the front and back removed prior to removing the two internal screws.

Second, "Replacing a cracked, gouged, or broken faceplate": it is attached to the front of the unit, no need to disassemble. Just carefully pry the faceplate with the chrome trim off of the unit and if possible, use the original tape to reattach the new faceplate.

Anonymous said...

just got my 8700 but i did not realize that it's not a camera phone aye?