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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blackberry 8800 – Bluetooth Configuration Guide – Step-by-Step

One of the great features of your Blackberry 8800 series handheld mobile device is the ability for it to connect with a computer (desktop or laptop) via Bluetooth. Once you have it configured, you can use it for a number of features including synchronization, file transfers, and my personal favorite, the Bluetooth broadband modem.

It takes a few minutes to get your Bluetooth setup for your Blackberry 8800 series and you want to make sure that you configure both the Blackberry Desktop software for Bluetooth as well as the Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Devices configuration.

Here is the step-by-step how to tutorial on the configuration.

1. First you need to configure your Blackberry’s Bluetooth connection to be discoverable for your PC. Click on the ‘Set up Bluetooth’ icon from your Blackberry 8800’s main menu.

2. Change the discoverable option in the menu screen to “Yes” so your Blackberry 8800 can be discovered by your laptop or other PC.

3. Start the Bluetooth Devices wizard by clicking Start --> Control Panel --> Bluetooth Devices on your PC. Then click on the ‘Add’ button.

4. In Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, select the click box on “My device is set up and ready to be found” and click “Next.”

5. The Add Bluetooth Device Wizard will search for your discoverable Blackberry 8800 device if you have configured properly.

6. The Wizard finds your Blackberry 8800 as a New device. Click on the Blackberry 8800 and click on the “Next” button.

7. Select “Choose a passkey for me” selection button and choose “Next”.

8. The wizard provides you with a passkey to authorize your PC and Blackberry 8800 series. Enter the passkey on your Blackberry 8800. Click “Next” on the “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard”

9. Click on “Finish to complete the Wizard.

10. Your PC will immediately attempt to connect via Bluetooth to your Blackberry 8800. Choose “Yes” to complete. If you choose “Yes” and select the checkbox, then your computer will become a trusted device and be able to connect automatically in the future.

11. Now that your Blackberry 8800 is configured with Windows, you now can configure your device for the Blackberry Desktop software. Go to the Blackberry Desktop Manager and click on Options --> Connection Settings. Check the ‘Enable Bluetooth Support” checkbox. Also check the “Automatically switch from Bluetooth to USB when USB is connected” checkbox. Then click on the “Configure Bluetooth” button.

12. Click on the “Add” button.

13. The Add Device Screen will show your Blackberry 8800. Click on the icon and then click on the “Ok” button.

14. Under Bluetooth Configuration Screen, click on “Ok”

15. On the drop-down box for Connection, make sure Bluetooth is selected. Click on the "Ok" button to finish.

16. Now go back to your Blackberry and turn the discoverable setting to off on the Bluetooth Set Up.

Congratulations, you have completed the Bluetooth setup on your Blackberry 8800!

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Anonymous said...


i have a question. after step 12, the Desktop software does not detect my 8800.

on my 8800, under Bluetooth Option, i only see 3 services offered (Headset, Handsfree, Dialup)...i am expecting to see something like Sync as BT service?

thanks for your help.

Mike said...

I am having the same issue as Anonymous. The Desktop Manager doesn't find my Blackberry 8800 via Bluetooth. I know it is connected because I followed the instructions for connecting my Blackberry to my computer via Bluetooth for high-speed broadband connectivity and that works fine (thanks!!!!).

TonyM said...

My problem is the same. I've successfully connect my BlackBerry to my laptop, but after step 12 it wasn't discovered by the Desktop software.

Antoan Manchev said...

My problem is the same. I've successfully connect my BlackBerry to my laptop, but after step 12 it wasn't discovered by the Desktop software.

Ken Hanscom said...

What computers are you using? I was able to get mine to work no sweat with an IBM T60 laptop. There are some known issues with Toshiba laptops and their bluetooth stacks that can make it difficult to connect via Desktop Manager.

dtarb said...

I am trying a similar approach - but from a T60 to a Blackberry 8100 pearl. I can get the devices to pair up, but not to properly connect. Details are at Any help is appreciated.

Ken Hanscom said...

It may simply be the number you are dialing. The number *99# is an AT&T and Cingular specific number. I believe the other network providers have other numbers that need to be dialed. You may want to double-check that with T-Mobile.

Larry Shinagawa said...

Is there an extra charge to do this? Also, can this also work on the 8300 Curve?

Anonymous said...

I also am stuck at step 12. The BT device applet shows my phone but IDs it by a string of hex numbers and "passkey enabled". My 8800 also peers with my thinkpad A31p just fine. However, When I goto Add BT device from the Desktop manager, I get "BB Device Mgr is unable to locate any BT devicee that support BB BT desktop services.

Ken Hanscom said...

Do you have keyboard security enabled on your Microsoft OS or your Blackberry? If so, try and temporarily remove that. That can cause this sort of issue during the Blackberry Desktop Software's discovery purpose.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers says:

if you are using BES, make sure your sysadmin sets the following two options on the BES server to false, or you won't be able to see it at step 12:
Disable Desktop Connectivity
Disable Wireless Bypass

jgoralski said...

Hi, I have an 8800 but I do not know the passkey... Can anyone help? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great post. I have succesfully connected my Blackberry Curve 8820 via Bluetooth to my Dell Laptop. However, I only can use the Blackberry as a modem if i connect via USB, it doesn't work from bluetooth (I don't even see the bluetooth modem in the control panel)
Can someone help?

Anonymous said...

Read the post here by LarryH. It's a bluetooth driver issue that has now been resolved... supposedly... I'm about to try it. It seems to work for others...

Anonymous said...

If you use an Enterprise Server and these two Policies are set to TRUE (The default is true)

Disable Wireless Bypass
Disable Desktop Manager

You will have to use the USB cable.

If PAN is disabled on the Enterprise Server you will not be able to use the Berry as Modem either.