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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blackberry 8800 – Mass storage device setup for the microSD – Step-by-Step Guide

There are a number of ways that you can configure your Blackberry 8800 device so that you can transfer files back and forth between your media storage microSD (transflash) card. The main two choices that you have for transferring your files are to either use the Media Manager software in your Blackberry’s Desktop Manager software. However, that requires that you have the Desktop Manager software setup on any machine from which you want to transfer files from.

A much better and quicker way to setup your Blackberry 8800 device’s microSD storage card is to configure it as a mass storage device. By configuring it as a mass storage device, when you connect your Blackberry 8800 series by USB or Bluetooth – your computer sees the microSD card as a removable drive that can be accessed via Windows Explorer and other programs. This is a quick and easy integration into your computer!

The main requirement for this tutorial is that you have a microSD (transflash) mass storage card installed in your Blackberry. If you need assistance in this step, you can see that guide here.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

1. Go to the “Options” icon on your Blackberry 8800

2. Click on “Advanced Options”

3. Click on “Media Card”

4. Choose the following options: Media Card Support “On”; Encryption Mode: Choices are “Device”, “Security Password”, “Security Password & Device”, I have chosen “None” for this tutorial; Mass Storage Mode Support: “On”; “Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected, Options include “Yes”, “No”, & “Prompt”, I have chosen “Yes” for this guide, although it will disable the media card for Blackberry access while connected to your computer; and finally “Safely remove on battery door removal: “Yes”, which means that you can change Media Cards without having to turn off your Blackberry 8800. This screen also displays the total and free amounts of space on your media card.

5. Lastly, if “Prompt” is selected for “Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected” then you will get this screen when attempting to connect your Blackberry 8800 series to your computer. If you check the “Don’t ask this again” checkbox, then your choice will be saved as your permanent preference for your memory card.

Congratulations, you have completed this guide!

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Anonymous said...

How is this accomplished over bluetooth? I have paired my 8830 with a Vista PC but the PC asks for a driver for the peripheral device. Do you need to install the Desktop manager first or is there a way to enable mass storage mode over bluetooth without it?

Ken Hanscom said...

Have you paired your 8830 with just the Vista PC or also with the Blackberry desktop software? In some cases you will need to do both.

Anonymous said...

I have only paired it with Vista, don't have the BBDM on this machine right now. I'll try and install it and see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Not sure what you mean by pair with BB desktop manager but I did install it on my Vista pc and am able to connect. I am able to use the 8830 in mass storage mode over usb but can't get it to work over bluetooth. Is it possible to get mass storage mode working over bluetooth?


Mike said...

Thank you!!!! This is exactly the information I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

I set everything as you said and my device never shows up in my computer as a mass storage device.