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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blackberry 8800 - My First Day with it!

Well, today I received my new Blackberry 8800 mobile phone from Cingular (the new AT&T or something like that), to replace my quickly dying Blackberry 8700C - which was a good unit. This is actually 5th or 6th Blackberry unit - dating back to the 900 series pagers and monochrome units, a 7280, and a 7780 among the other devices. Pretty exciting with all the new features on this device.

My first surprise, is that everything works out of the box by simply switching the SIM cards between the two phones. Things have not always been this easy with all of the AT&T to Cingular back to AT&T switches the phone companies have had. Nice of them to finally get it right.

This phone has a ton of new features, including:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Push to Talk functionality (PTT)
  • Voice-Activated Dialing (VAD)
  • Expandable Memory slot via a MicroSD card
  • Multi-Media Player for video & audio
  • High-Capacity Battery(much needed)
The only glaring omission seems to be the lack of a mobile camera. Otherwise, this device has truly combined corporate and consumer needs into on nifty little package.

In terms of usage, while the 8800 series is much slimmer than the 8700 series, it seems to weigh just a little more. And, I have become so accustomed to the click-wheel on the right side of the device, that the trackball will take some getting used to. After a few hours of usage, I have not had the opportunity to try out all the new gadgets. However, I must say that the VAD (Voice-Activated Dialing) is a real winner. No setup required, I just speak a name from my contacts list with the type of phone on the end of it like "Call John Smith Mobile" and the system picks it up easily.

I am fairly impressed with this unit and I am sure there will be many posts in the future to tell you about my usage and some of the tips, tricks, and hacks for the Blackberry 8800!


Ramajay said...

How on earth do you remove the Sim Card? I placed it in the right slot, the phone works and all....but I cannot remove the card! It slips out a short way and then it seems stuck.