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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blackberry 8800 - Warning on headphones and multimedia

On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided I was really going to try out the multimedia capabilities on my Blackberry 8880. In fact, I was brave enough to leave my iPod at home. I was trying to determine if the Blackberry 8800 could really be a replacement for the iPod.

Well, the news is that I really have no news. The reason being is that I was never able to use my Blackberry 8800's multimedia capabilities, even though I did bring it and my noise-cancelling headphones along with me. Guess why?

Ten minutes after take-off, I pulled out my Blackberry 8800, turning it on and turning the radio off and got ready to try it out. Then I went to plug in my headphones to the jack on the Blackberry 8800. Hmm, something was not quite right.....

Oops, I guess I forgot something -- the standard Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm headphone jack did not fit into the Blackberry's earpiece jack. What I needed and did not have was an adapter for the Blackberry 8800's 2.5mm headset jack. So, let this be a warning to anyone trying to watch multimedia videos or play music audio on your Blackberry 8800, you do need a 2.5mm headset jack to mini-phone stereo 3.5mm headphones jack!

I would recommend buying the Blackberry Stereo Headset piece from RIM's site -- however, it will not be available until May 1st!