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Friday, March 23, 2007

Blackberry - How to hard reset a frozen device - Step-by-Step

A few days ago I wrote a post about doing a basic reset on your Blackberry device. That works great if your Blackberry is frozen, running a little sluggish, won't connect to the network, or you have the everlasting hourglass on you screen. However, if after that reset your device is still giving you problems, there are a coupole of other options.

In reality there is not a hard reset or complete reboot that you can do on your Blackberry device. What you can do is take out your battery and leave it out for 30 seconds. However, it does not do much more for the device than simply doing the normal reset. Your only real option for fixing the problem with your device is to do a complete wipe of the handheld. The wipe basically sets your Blackberry device back to the factory default and you would need to relaod your applications and then synchronize your data again. If your Blackberry is connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), you may need to have your administrator update your Enterprise Activation

Here is the step by step:

1. Go to the Options on your Blackberry device.

2. Go to Security Options

3. Go to General Settings

4. Choose the options by clicking the click wheel or menu button and select Wipe Handheld.

5. Confirm you want to wipe the handheld by clicking on the "Continue" button. The message is "Warning, all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be disabled."

6. The device will prompt you to type in the word "blackberry." Type in "blackberry" and confirm.

7. The handheld will wipe itself of all information. In some cases after 10 minutes the hourglass will still run. After 10 minutes, pull your battery and restart your Blackberry.

Congratulations, you have performed a "hard reset" or "wipe" on your handheld mobile device!

In addition, there are a couple of ways to perform this. Here is a video that you can use to look at the various ways to reset your Blackberry Device:

Guide, Manual, Installation, Install, Tutorial, Step-by-Step, How to, Instructions

This guide is compatible with or the compatibility includes: BlackBerry 7750, BlackBerry 7510, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7780, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry 8700g, BlackBerry 8700r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7100v, BlackBerry 8700v, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, RIM 957, BlackBerry 8700f, BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7520, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7290, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry 7100x, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7130v, BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8707v, RIM 850, BlackBerry 7730, Blackberry 8700, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry 8705g, Blackberry 8703e, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry 8830, Blackbery Bold 9000, Blackberry Bold 9700, Blackberry Tour, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Pearl 8100, Blackberry Curve 8300

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Edge said...

Very good, to the point and accurate reset tip.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. I couldn't have made it any plainer.

amis said...

Great Instructions. Thank you!

Tos said...

I tried to remove the battery for 30 seconds, but my Blackberry 8700g continues to show the everlasting hourglass.
What else can I do?


Ken Hanscom said...

Try a double soft reset by hitting ALT+CAP+DEL twice in succession. That can be effective. Either that, or try reloading the software from scratch using your USB cable.

Anonymous said...

i wastes an hour trying to find a solution to reset my 8800 then i found your tip.....

Great tip..5 sec and it was all over.. .. THANKS..

mamali said...

i have a blackberry 8700f and it's frozen i did what you said about resetig with ALT+CAP+DEL(twice) but it flashs and shw the hourglass

PLEASE help me what can i do?

Ken Hanscom said...

How long has the hourglass been there? I would recommend letting it sit overnight possibly (the processor is not the fastest) and then see if the problem is corrected. Be sure to leave it in a charger.

Optionally, you can you the Desktop Manager and Device Manager clients to completely reload our upgrade the firmware on the Blackberry device. This may be your best option.

mamali said...

it shows the hourglass for few sec and it restarts again and again

can you please tell me how to reload the firmware?


David said...

Super TIP!! It helped me out great! I have all my functions back :-)

Anonymous said...

Blackberry 7290 - this wipe handheld function is under Security, then Content Protection. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

i have Blackberry 8707g it shows :

data abor...

when i click reset, it restarts and shows that messagge again and again.

what can i do? thanks

Anonymous said...

My bb will no longer synch with my outlook. I have the option in email chosen to do so (and it worked until about a month ago). Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

ok, so i got a black berry pearl 8100 for my birthday...and i have had it for like 1 month..and now its frozen and all i see is a white screen and an hourglass and every 7 seconds the screen gose black and the red light gose do i fix this problem?

Anonymous said...

The blackberry is frozen, so I wont't get into the option menu..... is there anyone who can fix that problem?

Anonymous said...

i have a bb 8703e and during a software installtion through desktop manager my pc froze along with the installation (about midway through) now it stays in that infinite loop with the hourglass...but at like 10 second intervals the screen goes black then goes back to the spinning hour glass...any ideas? i need this thing wiped ASAP

Anonymous said...

perfect! made it so easy for me! worked on a bb 7230

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Just the advice to take the battery out for 30 secs worked for me.

Anonymous said...

i baby my blackberry but all of a sudden at work the keypad stopped working and the only thing that worked was the scrolling wheel but about 2 hours after i left work it started working and my b button stopped working so i cannot do a full reset.

Anonymous said...

I Have a BB pearl that has frozen and can't get it to start up again all my data is on phone and need all info
how can I save the data or retrieve it?
phone network;-(( all they said was back up and sent the phone back to BB but I can;t back up if the phone wont start, they said that they wipe all data when they receive phone to fix it HELP some


Anonymous said...

Worked GREAT and a real time saver!! Thanks!!

G Randrup said...

hi! i need help with my blackberry 8707g. it restarts every 3 seconds. i mean, the hour glass shows up then it'll turn to blank and all i see is the red light then the hour glass will show up again, then it'll be blank with the red light on again... it just goes on an on.

i just don't know what to do anymore. i've read troubleshooting things but it requires the phone turned on. but you see, my phone won't turn on. it just keeps on restarting over and over...

please help...

Paul said...


Just like the previous user I have Blackberry 8707g it shows :

data abor...

when i click reset, it restarts and shows that messagge again and again.

what can i do? thanks

king said...

thanks really good trick

Anonymous said...

There is no "Wipe Handheld" option in my 8707g. Is there any other way?

Kristy said...

Perfect! Fast, easy, and it matches every step with whats actually happening on the handset.
Thankyou for you time :)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the device is frozen, all the instructions are moot, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! If it's frozen, you can't follow any of the steps....

ghislaine swk said...

thx so much this problem hv make me find a whole day thx for u help

Kath said...

I have a Blackberry 7290 Pro that I bought from Ebay. Since I received it I have not been able to switch it on at all. Asked the seller about it, they said that last time they used it it worked fine. I have searched the internet to see how I can fix this issue, and have tried all sorts of things, I have downloaded Blackberry Desktop Software and when I connect the phone to my PC via the USB cable the PC seems to recognise that it has been connected, but the Blackberry Desktop Software does not. I have also downloaded Blackberry Swiss Army Knife software and this also tells me that the phone is not connected. I am getting so annoyed with this phone now I feel like either throwing it as far as I can throw it out the window and/or stamping on it. Can anyone help me please?