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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Can Kobe save my season?

A Recent Post from my on the Cornerstone Conference NBA Fantasy League. (more to come on last night's Laker game!)


The last two weeks have been abysmal for my team, Bio-Waste. After a dominating performance against Benchwarmers and then squeaking by Honkylips, the team’s playoffs positioning and chance are now fading fast. After getting hammered by Higa last week, when I walked into Staples Center last night – the deficit to Yojays looked an improbable 1-8.

In addition, at the beginning of the season when I grabbed these Lakers tickets - they were not one of the games I was really excited about. With the Portland Trailblazers in town, a collection of jailbirds of various natures, hence earning the nickname for the team of Portland Jailblazers – how exciting could the game be? Not to mention, it was smack in the middle of the 1st round of the NCAA tournament. How could I watch my brackets?

Then, when starting lineups were announced – Luke Walton was no where to be found, bad sign. The first half, the Lakers as a team were awful. Kobe kept making great passes to open teammates and mentioning no one particular (yes, you Smush Parker) – they passed up the open looks. It was so bad, that every time the chant for the “Let’s Go Lakers” came, I was forced to chant “Let’s Go Kobe.” It was clear to everyone in Staples Center the Lakers had no chance unless Kobe did something special.

Kobe had a decent first half and there were signs of how hot he was on a couple occasions where he sank back-to-back three’s. A third 3-point attempt realized his heat-check was not quite white hot yet – but who knew what was coming.

No need to really re-cap what happened in the 4th quarter and overtime; everyone knows that Kobe willed the Lakers to victory dropping 8 3’s, and 65 points on the Portland Trailblazers. A truly spectacular overtime thriller that w

What did it mean for Bio-Waste? Nothing less than a miracle. A 1-8-0 deficit turned into a 5-4-0 advantage in the matter of 53 minutes of basketball. So now, Kobe I plead – save Bio-Waste and my Fantasy Season – we need you!

My only fear now is, how many games will Stu Jackson suspend Kobe for scoring 65? There has to be something worth suspending there, right?