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Monday, March 05, 2007

iPod - How to reset a frozen or locked iPod - Step-by-Step Guide

Has you iPod ever frozen or locked up on you? Recently I had my iPod freeze up on me, it did not respond to anything I did – the scroll wheel, and attempted clicking, or even any flipping of the hold switch back and forth.

As one can imagine, it is a little disconcerting when your iPod will not respond, especially since it does not have a reset button or an on/off switch like a computer. However, the good news is that with relative ease you can still reset your iPod quickly.

Here are the steps that are required, with pictures on how to reset your iPod should you ever end up in this situation.

1. First make sure that the hold button on the top of your iPod is not set to the hold position. The hold button is on the top of the iPod is on the right side of your iPod. If it is on the left side and showing orange, then it is in the ‘Hold’ position – meaning nothing else will function. Slide the hold button to the right.

2. Next, now you need to hold down both the ‘Menu’ button on the clickwheel and the white center button on you iPod simultaneously. Make sure you hold both of these buttons down at the same time for 5-10 seconds. This should effectively restart your iPod.

3. You will know that your iPod is restarting when the screen flashes and the Apple icon appears on the screen.

If this does not work, switch the hold button on then off and repeat the steps above. If this step does not work, attach your iPod to a power supply (wall charger for the iPod, USB charger for the iPod Nano). Lastly, if that is not successful, then you contact Apple support to get your iPod fixed.

This guide is compatible with the following iPods:

  • Fifth Generation iPod (also known as iPod with video)
  • iPod nano (Second Generation)
  • iPod nano
  • iPod with color display (iPod photo)
  • iPod (Click Wheel)
  • iPod mini
  • iPod mini (Second Generation)

Guide also compatible with: Apple iPod white, Apple iPod black, Apple iPod Red, Apple iPod Pink, Apple iPod Green, Apple iPod Blue, Apple iPod 30GB, Apple iPod 80GB, Apple iPod 40GB, Apple iPod 20GB, Apple iPod Photo, Apple iPod U2


Anonymous said...

This worked! I was so frustrated with the whole mess and readied myself to be on the phone for hours to get this back to working order!

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work!

G Johns
Seattle, WA

Madelyn Byrne said...

Thank you! Very clear and easy to follow instructions that worked -- Apple should be doing this.


Anonymous said...

Worked for to reset my father-in-laws old ipod while on vacation in the carribean. He was so bummed because he thought it was toast.
Thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

Worked to reset my father-in-laws old ipod while on vacation in the carribean. He was so bummed because he thought it was toast.
Thanks for the great post.

New Species: Julie Discovered in Rainforest said...

I'm just about to leave to go abroad and won't have internet access for quite awhile. Suddenly my ipod froze and was locked and I found your post just in time! Thanks so much...getting on the plane one happy camper listening to my music!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thats awsome. I thought my ipods was broke didn't repond to anything I did. You saved the day. Glad to have a great post...thanks again....

Anonymous said...

Hi.......... That's simple and worked!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you so worked. Too bad your post didn't come up earlier in my google search LOL.