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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kobe drops 65, a Staples Center night out!

Kobe, Save the Lakers’ Season! When I originally purchased my Los Angeles Lakers tickets for the game on March 16th, I had no idea it would end like this. In fact, the game was not one I was even remotely excited about. For the simple reason it was against a consistently mediocre team, the Paul Allen owned Portland Trailblazer, which I affectionately call the Portland Jailblazers based on the recent problems of a few unnamed player. The main reason that we chose to go to the game was we had decent seats in the Premier seating section and had not gone to a game in a couple of months. Plus, the Lakers had lost 7 in a row.

This was one game that I will never forget. We all know the story, right? Kobe dropped 65 points and 8 3 pointers. In my opinion, possibly the best ever single performance by a Laker ever witnessed. Yes, Kobe has scored 81 points in a game before but it was not the same – the Lakers needed every single point he scored, it was not a blowout game.

The Lakers as a team were dreadfully awful on Friday night. To start the off the introductions, Luke Walton was no where to be found. Not only was he not dressed and in the starting lineup as expected, he was not even behind the bench. Smush Parker was dreadful. Several times he passed on wide open jump shots, hesitating and passing off to a more covered player.

It was so bad, that when the organ came on to chant “Let’s go Lakers”, I could only chant “Let’s go Kobe.” However, in the early going Kobe was trying to get the rest of the team going, only putting up 4 points in the quarter – while his teammates kept clanking bricks off the rim. Fortunately, by the second quarter Kobe knew the game was in his hands. Early on, he hit back-to-back 3’s. A third, a true heat check was way off – however, the crowd was ready to explode. Just a sign of things to come…….

The 4th quarter and overtime is really what is worth talking about. The Trailblazer knew they were going to Kobe every time. Double-team, Triple-team it did not matter, Kobe kept putting shots, including a barrage of 3-pointers away. Let’s not even talk about that nasty double-teamed baseline fade away

The worst part of the game? The family of four next to me that left with 5 minutes left and the Lakers down double digits. Now, that was crazy!