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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - Install P2K Commander - Step-by-Step (Pictures)

A few weeks back, I posted a how-to guide (manual) on connecting your Motorola RAZR phone (V3, V3C, V3i, V3M, etc.) to your personal computer for charging and browsing files with the P2K Commander software. Based on feedback from that post and some technical difficulties that people ran into, there were requests for a step-by-step guide with photos on how to install P2K Commander (P2KCommander.exe) for any Motorola phone on your personal desktop or laptop computer (PC) with a USB cable. This example uses the Motorola V3.

Here is the step-by-step guide with installation pictures on how configure and install the P2K Commander software on your computer. In this case, the USB charger driver was already installed. (click on pictures for larger images):

1. There are two computer system requirements in order to make this work. The first is that you must have a USB 2.0 cable port available on your computer, which is common on most in-use PCs. The second is that you must have a USB 2.0 compatible cable with mini-USB that connects your computer to your RAZR phone.

2. Update: New version of P2K Commander is available, full list is here. Download the driver. Visit the forum under Hardware Support > Portable Devices > Motorola RAZR General Questions Thread - Read before you post. You need to locate a file called (The good news is this is compatible with both the V3 and V3c). Direct link to the forum post. here. Direct File link, if you have already registered is here.

3. Unzip the file to the directory of choice. For this step-by-step manual, I extracted the files into the directory C:\Program Files\p2k

4. Plug the USB cable into your computer and phone.

5. Browse to the C:\Program Files\p2k directory and click on the P2kCommander.exe with the star icon next to it.

6. As the program starts up you will receive the default message that states all of your Motorola files will be located in the '/a' partition. This is a startup switch that can be modified.

7. Choose the drop-down on the right and select the 'P2k Mobile phone' with the star icon next to it.

8. As the software tries to access your phone, you will notice the 'Found New Hardware' bubble appear in your taskbar.

9. The Windows 'Found New Hardware Wizard' will begin for you Motorla RAZR phone. Select the 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)' radio button and click 'Next'.

10. Choose the 'Search for the best driver in these locations' radio button and check only the 'Include this location in the search' checkbox. Enter 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8' into the text box or 'Browse' to it and click 'Next'.

11. The Found New Hardware Wizard will search for the Motorola Accessory driver.

12. The Found New Hardware Wizard will install the 'Accessories Interface' driver.

13. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation of the 'Accessories Interface' driver.

14. Your computer will immediately find another hardware device to install and start the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' for the Data Logging MCU Interface. Select the 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)' radio button and click 'Next'.

15. Choose the 'Search for the best driver in these locations' radio button and check only the 'Include this location in the search' checkbox. Enter 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8' into the text box or 'Browse' to it and click 'Next'.

16. The Found New Hardware Wizard will install the 'Data Logging MCU Interface' driver.

17. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation of the 'Data Logging MCU Interface' driver.

18. Your computer will immediately find another hardware device to install and start the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' for the Test Command Interface. Select the 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)' radio button and click 'Next'.

19. Choose the 'Search for the best driver in these locations' radio button and check only the 'Include this location in the search' checkbox. Enter 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8' into the text box or 'Browse' to it and click 'Next'.

20. The Found New Hardware Wizard will install the 'Test Command Interface' driver.

21. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation of the 'Test Command Interface' driver.

22. A bubble will appear in your taskbar from 'Found New Hardware' that 'Your new hardware is installed and ready to use.'

23. Go back to your already opened P2k Commander software and select the 'P2k Mobile phone' with the star icon. After approximately 15 seconds, the P2k Commander software will scan your Motorola RAZR V3 phone and you should now be able to access, backup, or modify the files in the phone.

Congratulations, you should be able to reliably connect your desktop computer to Motorola RAZR V3 via P2k Commander. For a guide on how to transfer pictures, please see this posting.

This guide does not require Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) and has worked on numerous operating systems and devices including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, MAC OS, Ubuntu Linux, and some limited reported success on Microsoft Windows Vista. This particular installation and configuration was performed on Windows XP.

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Anonymous said...

I've done evrything that is on here and when I chose the phone on the drop down to the left of the page the program "encounters a problem" and needs to close. any ideas?

Ivan said...

For me the wizard that starts with P2K Commander finds only a "USB Composite Device" driver in the drivers folder. It then installs it, but in the end gives code 10 (device cannot start). It then doesn't ask for any more drivers, and p2k doesn't work. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

Xanadu62 said...

Hi, I DL'd the p2k commander and put it in my program files. I'm running vista, and I have already installed the charging drivers for my v3, but every time that I try to access my phone in the first steps above, it just goes back to the HDD. There is no pop up about wanting to install more drivers or a new device. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

thanks i do not speak english but it work fo me!

Zymha said...

i installed the driver and program for the phone, but when i install drivers, i only get a usb modem install, not a mcu interface and accessories interface i needed. Some help?

Anonymous said...

The first file you have a link to is currupt and cannot be opened.

J said...

I'm getting an error code 10 as well, and won't let me install the mcu data interface thing. any help would be appreciated.

Ken Hanscom said...

I have put together an additional tutorial with some more troubleshooting steps. In addition, there is a new version of the P2K Commander software which may fix your phone. See it here at

Anonymous said...

hey.. using your step-by-step guide i tried to transfer files into my moto razr v3. but unfortunately its just not working out. ive reached the step where you have to enter 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8' into the text box or 'Browse' to it and click 'Next', but every time i do so it ays the location you specified does not exist or cannot be reached!
please help me..thanks

J. Crowson said...

i have looked all over your page to try and figure this one out, but when i do as you say in step 10 and it takes me to step 11 instead of "Motorola Accessory" it says "Motorola Phone (V3)" or some such, and it won't find the drivers. i have tried umpteen times, etc. have any suggestions on how i can get it to find the drivers so that i can get this to work? thanks

Anonymous said...

hi! please tell me what am i doing wrong...

i have downloaded a few versions of the p2k commnander but nothing seems to work. i know i followed the instructions but all i get is a description that says p2k device not connected.

how do i make this work? thanks!

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi. Unfortunately I do not know what phone you have, what version it is or the wireless provider that you have. If you could provide those, then I am sure I could help in the troubleshooting process.

Ethan said...

I am trying the latest version of P2k Commander on Win2k with a V3C Razr on US Cellular. P2kC keeps being closed by Windows. Should I d/l an older version of the software?

USCC's network will not let me download free ringtones and themes over WAP, so I just want to sideload that stuff from the computer.

bbchamp said...

Ken Hanscom please let me contribune to this post, and correct me if I post any wrong information.
It seems like the main issue here is finding the driver. Try to folow the instruction below to see if it help:
1- find the driver file (recommend latest driver), you can Google to look for it, usually it comes in compressed format about 32K(zip, rar)
2- uncompress the file and store it in a folder in your hard drive (need to remember where this folder is)
3- open p2k application file (P2kCommander.exe)
4- plug your V3 into your PC via usb cable
5- your PC will say it finds a new hardware and will walk you through the driver installation steps as mentioned by Ken Hanscom.
6- there should be about 4 drivers it will need to install.
when it finishes installation, the p2k software will see the phone and you should be able to open/access your phone files/folders.
I just finished the installation a few minuites ago.
Hope this help.

Ken Hanscom said...

bbchamp. Great contribution. Also, this blog will always update the latest versions of P2kCommander (P2k Commander) on this site. Just do a search in the upper right hand area of the screen.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this step-by-step guide. The instructions were easy to follow and it took me less than an hour to get my pictures uploaded to my pc. I really appreciate the help!

Lauren H. said...


I downloaded MSU and once I did that, my PC automatically downloaded all of the other drivers and such that are needed. P2K Commander FINALLY detected my phone, but there is still no listing for my phone. The only things in the pull down box are:

/a P2k Phone system
/b P2k Phone tflash
/c P2k Phone user
/e P2k Phone user
P2k Phone seems

I've tried to click on each one and whenever I do, three commands come up on the log window:

Tci command set: 3G fast
CMD: Answer wait timeout!
Volume name fail!

Help! I've been messing with this forever!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had the same msg with my v3m (verizon) using the 4.9.8 p2k software. I finally got it to work by loading the 4.0.0 p2k version and the drivers that come with it. Load the drivers by running drivertool.exe located in the P2KDrivers_2.3 folder.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem using the p2k 4.9.8. Got it to work by rolling back to p2k 4.0.0, and loading the driver that comes with it (v2.3).


Benjamin said...

i have the exact same problem like Lauren H .... please advise


Ken Hanscom said...

What version of the P2K Drivers are you using and what version of P2K Commander software?

Kevin said...

i succesfully installed the usb modem drivers in the "how to charge guide" so i got my phone charging. im trying to access my phone via P2K i have tried the latest versions ive tried 3.28,3.35,4.98,3.27,4.00, non of these work i see the p2k mobile phone but when its trying to access the phone the program stops responding.

Ken Hanscom said...

Version 4.3.C is the most current version of P2KCommander and is the most recommended. You can see the lastest information about it here:

Javier "Superthrust" Ledesma said...

I have tried everything...Everytime i select my phone when i want to transfer soemthing to it, the program locks up and when i try to close it, my computer dies and must be restarted. What is going on with this thing!?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hace tried several version of p2kcommander and none if them seem to work. The program loads and recognizes my phone, it swtiches to p2k mode but when i try to select the star motorola thing from the drop down list the program freezes and has to close. I have a v3c on telus. Any help??

Anonymous said...

hey.. using your step-by-step guide i tried to transfer files into my moto razr v3. but unfortunately its just not working out. ive reached the step where you have to enter 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8' into the text box or 'Browse' to it and click 'Next', but every time i do so it ays the location you specified does not exist or cannot be reached!
please help me..thanks

I have the same problem as this person, but you never addressed it.
Any advice?

Ken Hanscom said...

For anyone having issues with P2KCommander, a couple of things to try:

#1 Go to option, P2k tuning and select either Standard P2k commands or Safe (slow commands)

#2 Select a different Phone drivers/Partitions. Either /b for the Transflash card, or /c for the i398 user partition.

ian said...

i really really need help, how do i get my computer to read my v3 razr it is the black one the orignial from cingular

Ken Hanscom said...

Ian, that is the exact one that I have! If you follow the instructions and details on this pages and the links, you should be in great shape! Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Anonymous said...

I love the site/blog on this subject and it's helped me greatly. I've been able, finally, to get my pix off of the phone. Now, if it's not asking too much, how do I get tunes (mp3 or midi) onto the Razr. I'm getting errors trying to transfer over. Thanks.

Ken Hanscom said...

What error message are you getting? With MP3's it tends to be the file size or the encoding that causes the issues. In my ringtones article, I successfly move an MP3 file to my V3 RAZR and set it as a ringtone

Anonymous said...

I was getting the file size error. Again, thanks to your other articles which I should have read first I was able to get some tunes onto the phone. I was also able to exceed the limits you stated by a little bit (still experimenting ;-)). You're doing a great public service with your knowledge. Thanks again.

Ken Hanscom said...

Great to hear, glad you were successful getting some tunes on your Motorola RAZR!

Anonymous said...

It looks like OSNN consolidated the Motorola links. You can find the drivers here.

Ken Hanscom said...

Good update, I had updated the links on my main page, but not this one, thanks! Linkified....

Murli said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the motorola driver instaler and the p2k commander. everything worked great. however when i unplugged the phone and plugged it back in the p2k commander no longer detected the phone. ive tred doing everything all over again and no matter what i do the p2k will not recognize my phone like it did before. anyone know what has happened or what to do? thanks

Anonymous said...

The program works, I transfer files to the razor, but I can only play them as audio, not as ringtones. I have Razor V3m. Any sugguestions.

star said...

Everything works out fine and i am able to use the songs as ringtones but when i try to use them as message tones nothing plays at all..... is there anything i can do to fix this problem with a v3m

Anonymous said...

I got everything installed. I can browse the files on my phone, but cant find all the pictures I have taken. They are not in the "pictures" file. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Great instructions, many thanks, works fine. I had only one problem:
some of the P2k Commander zip files do not seem to have the p2kdrivers_2.8 folder bundled with them e.g. and so I had to get the p2kdrivers from an earlier zip file. I used the 3.2.2 version but didn't check all those in between.....

Anonymous said...

Regarding not finding pictures, I also had this problem, after much hair pulling I finally tried selecting the "c" partition (i398) and drilled down into that directory and found the pictures in there.

Have to say this is not the most user friendly piece of software I've ever come across. Had to try several versions before I managed to load successfully. But it is free, so guess you shouldn't complain too much!

Jake said...

Hey, I got the charging driver for the razr up and running, and it works great. But then I installed the p2k commander v 4.9.8 and I wasn't all too happy anymore. I don't have a "P2k Mobile Phone" option in the drop down menu, instead I have "P2k Phone System". When I selected that one instead, I get "No p2k device found, NOT connected!". Not sure if I have to install anything else, or use a different version of p2k, but some help would be great :)

Jake said...

Hey, I got the usb charging driver installed and it work great, but I can't get the p2k commander to work. I only have a "p2k Phone System" option instead of "p2k Mobile Phone" and when I choose the Phone System one, I get an error that states "No p2k device found, NOT connected!". The thing is, I can see in front of me that it's connected. Should I use a different version of p2k commander than the one I have, which is 4.9.8? Or should I install more than just the usb driver/charger? Help would be great, I'd love to put some music on my phone...

Gisaco said...

Thank you! Your directions are great, and I am doing a happy dance now that i can get pix off my phone and onto my puter! I couldn't get the newest version to work so went back to the version referred to in your instructions, and viola! It worked perfectly.

Anonymous said...

i did all the things but the status report said AT DIVICE DISCONNECTED what is the problem?
i'm using V3.

Anonymous said...

EZPZ! Download, install, restart (PC & V3x), robert is your mother's brother! Now what to do? so many possibilities, so little time.... ta mucho!

Anonymous said...

I have a V3 and everything goes fine until I get to step 10. At first, it couldn't fine the p2kdrivers_2.8, so I tried using P2kCommander-V3.2.2. But when I entered the directory it says the hardware can't be installed because it can't find the necessary hardware. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i downloaded everything but the everytime i plug in my phone the "found new hardware" is not popping up?? what do i do?

Anonymous said...

I downloaded everything but when i get to step 10 it says cannot install hardware because it could not find specific software what did i do wrong?

Anonymous said...

Well, I had P2K commander working on my XP system just great with my RAZR V3R. Then, I installed a new copy of XP with SP2, and that's when my trouble began. I have the Razr drivers, and I have set up the USB charger just fine, except it also says it sees new hardware, the Motorola V3r. When I launck P2K commander, it doesn't see the phone, and I don't get the found new hardware messages, like for Motorola accesory, or, I believe, test command interface. What am I missing?

Ken Hanscom said...

Have you tried going to your Windows Computer Manager, then looking at device manager and trying to update the drivers manually through that method? That would be a good way to go to try and get them working!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it says it cannot find the drivers in the location I specified (c:\drivers\RazrV3), same ones I downloaded from here, that worked before.

Ken Hanscom said...

One last thing that usually works, try installing the Motorola Software updater and have it running in the background. That often times does the trick. You can download that here:

Liv said...

Ok honestly..... you are a GOD!!!! I finally got the program to work, i have V3 Razrs both are 2 yrs apart in age, so I had to download 2 versions, but i got it ALL to work!!! I download my pics all of the ringtones!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! I will tell everyone I know about you and your site. I am so happy! Thank You again!

Murtaza said...

I dont get it .... when i click on the dropdown list on the left and select P2k mobile phone... it comes back to local disk C..

I want to transfer files from my Pc to my mobile please help me

ScienceOfThePS3 said...

This works excellent on Windows Vista!

Now I can finally really customize my RAZR!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've downloaded the latest P2K Commander V. 4.9.E, and I have a black razr v3. So my problem is that when I'm supposed to type in the driver, then I click next, a pop-up says that there is no driver detected or something like that. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i really want to crack my razr but the site you gave for the files is no longer valid, that forum dosent support the RAZR anymore, pleeez help me

geoffrey_zhou1979 said...

It can be downloaded from

razor user said...

hi, i need help, I'm stuck on the part were i have to enter C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8 into the wizard program. it says that it cannot reach this folder. do you know whats wrong? i would really appreciate it if you could help. thank you.

blahdeeblah said...

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get this to work for a couple of days now and I guess I'm still missing something! I have a T-mobile Motorola Razr V3 I just got a couple of weeks ago. I've downloaded several different P2K drivers, but the same thing happens with all of them: in the log window, the message "No p2k device found, NOT connected!" appears. Windows XP recognizes the new device and I install the drivers as posted, but WinXP only asks to install one driver and then says the device is ready to use.

Any suggestions, anyone?!! I would buy the ringtone but the song I want is pretty unheard of and not available anywhere!

Katie G. said...

My computer won't recognize my phone so I'm at the step where you type in 'C:\Program Files\p2k\p2kdrivers_2.8'. I click browse but Motorola doesn't pop up. I don't know what is wrong or how to find it.

T-town guy said...

I have a V3C from U.S. Cellular. I'm on WinXP, SP2.

From this blog, I have updated drivers, versions of P2K, round and round many times. Here's where I am:

The phone charges OK.
P2K recognizes the phone ("Usb p2k device found, phone connected!", "P2k Tci IF up")
Have tried standard and slow, various /a, /c, etc.

But ultimately, I get "Volume name fail!", and P2K hangs with great regularity.

I have version 4.9.E with the drivers from 4.0.0 (P2kDrivers_2.3).

Any suggestions?

T-town guy said...

I tried a different approach from this page:

I have up the PST support tool for P2K as described and pictured on that page. It established contact with my phone with the messages:

Protocol TDMA_Legacy Loaded
Protocol CDMA_Legacy Loaded
Protocol P2K SCI Loaded

I started P2K, and at least it doesn't crash. But it does say:
No p2k device found, NOT connected!

It continually tries the command with no luck:

at+code=8 --> COM4

I changed the COM port number in P2K, but that didn't make any difference.

Sure wish I knew what I was doing.

Ken Hanscom said...

Use the Motorola drivers -- they seem to work the best.

Unfortunately, it is not an exact science based individual phones and individual computers.

T-town guy said...

MOTODEV has v3.3.0 at the link you give. Is that the correct one? I had downloaded and used it.

I'm not clear on the basics of all this. So I install up-to-date MOTODEV drivers. Where do the P2k drivers 2.3 come into play? If PST can talk to my phone, what does P2K need to be able to talk to it? Could my phone have some flash programming that makes all this useless?

Katrina said...

I am currently using a t-mobile V3r and I previously had an issue with the driver, but then I downloaded the 4.0.0 version of P2K and it seemed to come with it.
Now, since I have downloaded that version, my V3 is not recognized by P2K. I get a status report saying, "AT DEVICE DISCONNECTED" even when it is connected via usb/my computer recognizes it. Any suggestions or something I must be really idiotic to miss?

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to install this for the past couple of days, after I install the drivers it doesn't automatically search the MCU interface and when I start P2k it and select P2k phone it says volume fail phone not connected... What am I doing wrong?

Ken Hanscom said...

Many times it is the USB cable. Please try another cable and or verify you are using a USB 2.0 cable.

Anonymous said...

I got it. Thanks you very much. This is my works: go to /c and copy song, after that go to /a to delete those .db files....and i've done. 1 more time, thank you so much......

Nathaniel said...

Hi, I run P2k commander, and when I try to select my mobile phone from the drop down menu, it says no device is connected. I have a MOTOKRZR K1m, and I have Verizon as a service provider. I know Verizon blocks a lot of things, is this something I can't get around because of Verizon's restrictions? Thanks.

Kodi said...

I did all of the above and it recognizes my phone, but I tried to add a folder to "skins" and after I type in the name it says "INVALID DATE LENTGH FOR COMMAND" and I can't do anything. I need help! :[

Anonymous said...


dude it worked...ur step by step to install p2k commander really worked.......and pc was goin as it had to....i was searching the stupid "mpt" since 3 days....alas i got it......THANK U SO Much

Anonymous said...

i downloaded p2k and the driver things but idk what to do next. i have the same phone as the picture. i get to step 10 but it says the drivers arnt found please help

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded the driver and my AT&T Razr v3 does charge. Thanks for that, but I downloaded P2K Commander (I have tried several versions-now I am working with V4.0.0) and I can't get it to work. It keeps saying "No p2k device found, NOT connected!" I do have my phone turned on and plugged in. It immediately starts charging. I am not sure what to do now. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please Help!!!
I have a Motorola Razor V3c, and my network is problem, I just wanna get rid of those locked wallpapers and sms animations and ringtones set on the phone. I have tried to use Bitpim and recently got P2Kcommander but not having any luck..I really don't know much about this kind of stuff so some detailed help would be useful, I have the most recent driver for motorola..I tried doing what you when I run program this is what is said p2kcommander launched
usb p2k device found, phone connected !
P2k Tci IF up.
Tci command set: 3G fast
CMD: Answer wait timeout!
volume name fail!----that part after about 1 min in..if I bring down that menu like you said the program locks up...PLEASE HELP ME!!
You can email me at

Anonymous said...

pls Help me!!!

i've a motorola v3r but it has no mamory card thats why i can,t transfer or use any other theme to my mobile. data cable & bluetooth is not working for trasfer theme.
if any one have any solution... then pls pls pls mail me.

DJK said...


I am running on a windows 98 se.

When i try to run P2k commander it comes up with an error message saying:

"error while locating DLL function"

could you please help me with this as i dont not know how to fix this promblem. thanks you can email me at

Ken Hanscom said...

I would expect that you need to be on at least Windows 2000 or Windows XP for this to work. However, I have never tried Windows 98 or Windows ME.

Ken Hanscom said...

I would expect that you need to be on at least Windows 2000 or Windows XP for this to work. However, I have never tried Windows 98 or Windows ME.

Anonymous said...

Please Help!!!
I have a Motorola Razor V3c, and my network is problem, I just wanna get rid of those locked wallpapers and sms animations and ringtones set on the phone. I have tried to use Bitpim and recently got P2Kcommander but not having any luck..I really don't know much about this kind of stuff so some detailed help would be useful, I have the most recent driver for motorola..I tried doing what you when I run program this is what is said p2kcommander launched
usb p2k device found, phone connected !
P2k Tci IF up.
Tci command set: 3G fast
CMD: Answer wait timeout!
volume name fail!----that part after about 1 min in..if I bring down that menu like you said the program locks up...PLEASE HELP ME!!
You can email me at

Anonymous said...

my computer does not display the "found new hardware" message since i already installed it before i got the p2kcommander. if i need to reinstall it, how do i do it.

Vinícius K-Max said...

Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

i noticed underneath the guide it says it works with other operating systems?? are you sure this will work with Mac OS? i must be missing something cuz.exe files will not be understood.
if you know something i don't....i'm all ears!!

thanks for your help even if it doesnt work for mac---cuz it looks like you've helped alot of people. :smiling:

Swin said...

when i plug in my phone and i start up p2k commander i want to choose p2k mobile phone but it isn't there i think why i doesnt work because i installed p2kcommander on another user account on my pc but i have deleted that account reason:virus
could anyone help me
Thanks already.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is great.

Will this allow me to edit entries on the SIM card?



Anonymous said...

I've tried to download the software through your link, and Microsoft "strongly" advised me to stop because it could interfere with how my computer works. Once I clicked on stop installation, it popped up stating"an error occurred during the installation of the device. The third party INF does not contain digital signature information."

Is this something that is normal or will it mess with my computer?

Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

i used to be able to apply the 30 sec songs from p2k commander as ringtones but now i cant i got a razor V3xx
i dont see the "apply as ringtone: option anymore

Jo said...

I am having problems. The P2K does not recognize my phone. There is not a drop down choice for P2k Mobile phone. please help!

Ken said...

Ok, guys and gals, Here is what I find most times, Coders write programs and update them and update them and update them.
In the past I found that by loading the first version and all versions up to the point of the one I need I get somewhere.
I've tried many of the things suggested here and I have had a bit of success with my ROKRz6mm.
It's with Cellular South and they lock out all the good stuff, can't even play a good game on it. At least I got it before Motorola made changes locking up the ringtones. I can at least use my mp3's from my card for ringtones.
I have used Motorola's MPT program and there MSU programs to access my phone. Great phone, but, companies just need to quit restrict them. In the past I sure loved my Nokia phones, at least there software is free.

Anonymous said...

When I try to download P2K commander it says click download to proceed and i do and the after when i click to open it on my desktop it says open with.... and I need to select a program to open with please tell me which program to choose I need it on my can e-mail me at if you have an answer for me thx!!

Ken Hanscom said...

A program like Winzip can be used to open and unzip the contents.


Anonymous said...

I did it -- finally! Here's how: I have the V3m. First, if you have any driver installed, including the one Moto Phone Tools installed uninstall it through Add/Remove programs, under Motorola. (No need to uninstall Phone tools.) Now download the USB driver from Motorola's website--no other. Install it, connect your phone, and restart computer.

Now Download the latest P2kcommander from -- no other. From here the directions are exactly as above. Unzip and extract all the files to a new folder, Program Files\P2k. Start the P2kcommander.exe program. Pull down the drop down list at the top and select the yellow starred p2k listing. Voila! Hack away.

Also, if you are not an advanced user and you only want to synchronize your phone, you should be using Motorola's Phone Tools. It's very good--and won't screw up your phone like this can. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I have a Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv and I have downloaded the USB driver and p2k commander v-4.0.0. However when I select P2k Mobile Phone from the drop down box it say "no p2k device found, not connected." What Should i do? Thanks for the help!!

Ellen said...

I have installed the latest version of P2K Commander. I'm on XP Home SP2, and have downloaded the latest drivers as well.
When opening the P2K COmmander, there is no option in the drop down for 'P2K Mobile Phone', yet when pluggin or unplugging the phone in to the USB the system blings that there is hardware. This is a Motorola V3m. Help!

Sem said...

my comp says phone is installed and ready to use but the program wont detect it.... it says it is disconnected

Rae said...

Hallelujah, I finally got this to work on a Razr Vx33 after a few tries. I'm not even sure what I changed or did differently, but if you get stuck, keep trying. said...

Thank you for your tutorials! After messing with my phone and the software for a while, I got it to work and backed up my phone book, which is all I really wanted.

I had to download and install the Razr Driver msi file, and install the P2K application, before more drivers would install and the P2K Tools would work. But after all that, it works, and now I have backups so if I drop my phone in a lake I don't have to recreate my whole phone book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Every one.
this post is really helpful and i appreciate.
but may be for new users of mobile phones can be a bit hard.but its simple.only major problemis to check your driver first which is work with p2k.
Just Try to download first p2k driver for V3( can googled and get easily not normal v3 driver i repeat its p2k driver for V3)and then connect your USB.
to check driver ,
go to harware device manager and check if there is (Motorola USB Device with three Drivers means Everything ok)
then open p2k and go to option
then check on P2k/P2k05 then remove check from " Use P2l05 commands(override autodetect V3xx)
third check on STANDAR p2k command.
These three setting will surely let u connect.
other things are same like Author Descibe .your phone should be turn on,
On Left hand Same open /a P2k Phone few second you will see its scanning let it scan dont click anywhere,the open a/ you will get all your data.
but be carefull when u delete something because its all data even operating system files are listed here,
so thanks again for author for a nice post and goodluck to u all.

Anonymous said...

Hi I tried following your instructions. I got the drivers from hack the razor and all three installation steps seemed to work. But trying various versions of the Commander, I could never get P2K mobile phone to pop up as a choice, so of course, I could never access the files on my phone. I can't take any new pictures of my kids because I can't offload the ones on there now! This is driving me crazy. Before my last computer crash and reconfiguration, it did work. I had backed up the version I used on my external drive but now nothing I do works. Very frustrating and time-consuming. But I'll read all these blogs and see if I get a clue. Thanks anyway. It worked once!


Anonymous said...

works great thanks, just one question for anyone. Where would the contacts be would i be able to back them up or even view them

Anonymous said...

It keeps telling me that my device is not connected! But it is! I don't know what to do!

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate all the tutorials on here. I've got the P2K installed, rather broken, but gets the job done. Two things that I found that may help others:

1. The USB Driver that I downloaded from MOTODEV was only able to charge the phone, but it won't show up as a device. It looks like P2K Commander is a requirement.

2. It seems that "p2kdrivers_2.8" is a folder that is missing from P2K Commander zips. But I can install them from the USB Driver's installed directory (Program Files > Common Files > Motorola Shared ... ... Drivers).

Maybe that is why my installation gets a bit broken?

kumpulan 6 said...

i do like u said but it said that'maybe ur setting is p2k over USBLAN,but ur phone is p2k/ me fast as u can

Anonymous said...

can i downgrade the version on the v3 razor. telus.