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Monday, March 12, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - How to fix a stuck LCD pixel - Step-by-Step

A few months ago, there was a lot of noise regarding fixing stuck pixels on a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). In fact, 0n a recent post on Engadget, they discuss, as skeptics some of the tools available. The logic is that by quickly cycling through the colors that the pixel can be easily restored. That logic, further applied suggests the same matter can be applied to your Motorola V3 RAZR phone. The following is a guide on how to try and fix your stuck pixels.

An important point to realize that there is a big difference between a stuck pixel and a dead pixel. A dead pixel is black or off, and cannot be fixed. A stuck pixel is stuck on a particular color, red, blue, green, and sometimes white. To the right is a picture of what stuck pixel looks like on a PSP.

Here are the steps to follow to try and get the pixel in your LCD screen unstuck:

  1. Visit and download this file.
  2. Use your favorite zip program and unzip the .MP4 file.
  3. Convert the video to the .3GP format using this guide.
  4. Using that same guide, you can resize the video to your Motorola RAZR V3's LCD screen size.
  5. Connect your Motorola V3 RAZR to your computer and follow the video transfer guide here.
  6. Start up your Motorola V3 RAZR phone, go to the videos icon, and run the video.
  7. Repeat until it is successful. In some cases it has taken minutes to hours to complete the fix.

An important note is that if your LCD pixel is white, it may be unrepairable. Generally white pixels are permanently stuck. If your pixel is stuck on red, blue, or green -- the video has a chance.

Guide is compatible with: RAZR V3, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3r, RAZR V3t, RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3m

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