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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove and repair the LCD display screen - Step-by-Step (Pictures)

Another in the series of tutorials on how to tear down and repair your Motorola V3 RAZR mobile phone. The guide will cover how to remove the front cover (also known as a frontplate or skin) on your Motorola V3 phone. This guide is the most common need, although it requires a lot of other guides to get to this point. Basically, you need this guide if you have cracked, shattered, broken, dislodged your LCD display screen or if it is no longer working correctly for you.

This guide assumes that you have successfully removed the battery, the SIM card, the backplate, the antenna/transceiver, the front cover, and the camera from your Motorola V3 mobile phone.

Step-by Step guide for Removing and Replacing the LCD Screen Display Module Assembly:

1. Remove the battery cover, battery, SIM, rear housing, antenna, transceiver board assembly, flip assembly cover, and camera assembly, as described in the procedures.

2. Use the disassembly tool to unseat the LCD screen display module assembly flex connector from its socket.

3. Carefully and gently lift one corner of the LCD screen display module assembly out of the flip assembly.

4. Avoid damage to the electrical components on the flex while carefully removing the LCD screen display module assembly from the flip assembly.

5. Carefully lift the LCD screen display lens away from the flip assembly.

6. To replace, align the LCD screen display module assembly to the flip assembly.

7. Carefully lower the LCD screen display module into the flip assembly. Ensure that all of the display none of the display assembly components are damaged.

8. align the flip display flex to the flex connector on the flip display assembly and gently press down on the flex connector until properly seated.

9. Replace the camera assembly, flip assembly cover, transceiver board, rear housing, antenna, SIM, battery, and battery connector as described in the procedures.

Guide is compatible with: RAZR V3, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3r, RAZR V3t, RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3m

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Anonymous said...

I have a RAZR that you have to half close to be able to hear your party. So I sit there and half close it and talk on it...I want to change the whole thing as I have another RAZR that is like new that is a "pay-as-you-go" RAZR. I would like to take it apart and swap the thing that is making it not work right...any help out there please send to Thanks

c said...

what if you replace the lcd screen with a new one.....then it flickers a few times and the light doesn't seem to work. then you try it again, it flickers againand goes out again. now the only way i can read the screen is if i shine a light through the back of the screen.....any suggestions? is the light shot, and can i replace that?


frustrated one that has to carry around a flashlight to read the phone

Graham said...

Excellent work, thank you for the thoughtful how to.
Using this allowed me to take two unusable V3Ts and make one like new. 1 missing mike and broken screen and 1 got chocolate milked by my 2 year old son. My wife is very impressed. Should I tell her how easy you made the experience for me or keep that info to myself?

Anonymous said...

Ok that blog was great and very detailed but i have a bigger problem.... So one day a few years back while on the phone with my ex girlfriend we got in to a heated argument over something stupid and like a dumb ass i threw the phone against a gate obviously breaking the phone. Now i thought F**k what did i just do, i managed to find the bottom part of the phone still intact and when i put the battery back in it lite up but i have no clue as to what it's displaying if anything at all i was wondering if there was any way to buy another TOP HALF of the Motorola v3 razor and connect it with the BOTTOM HALF of the phone i already have. Only problem i see is that the wire that is sticking out of the bottom part of the phone in YOUR picture (3rd Pic up from bottom) is missing on my phone that part ripped off when it hit the gate so i would need another one of those as well. I know it seems like a lost cause but i really would like to get the info on that phone on to my computer if anyone knows how to get this phone working again that would be amazing and a lot of help to me. The phone does not have to be able to make phone calls i just want the info (Pics, Vids, etc...)

Anonymous said...

after a few months working without problems, suddenly the internal LCD became so bright that it does not allow to read anything, except in the top of the screen (less then 1cm height and readeble only looking from a very low angle) all the rest remains very shining and white, and impossible to use. Can it be a damaged flex, or does the lcd display need to be replaced, or anything else??
Thanks and regards,