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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the front cover - Step-by-Step (Pictures)

Another in the series of tutorials on how to tear down and repair your Motorola V3 RAZR mobile phone. The guide will cover how to remove the front cover (also known as a frontplate or skin) on your Motorola V3 phone. This guide assumes that you have successfully removed the battery, the SIM card, the backplate, and the antenna/transceiver from your Motorola V3 mobile phone.

Step-by Step guide for removing and replacing the flip frontplate cover (skin, assembly cover):

1. Remove the battery cover, battery, SIM, antenna, rear housing, and transceiver board assembly as described in the previous guides.

2. Remove the 4 flip assembly screw caps.

3. Use the T-5 driver to remove the 4 screws from the flip assembly. Retain the screws for re-assembly.

4. Before removing the flip cover, note the locations of the smart buttons on the sides of the flip assembly.

5. Use the disassembly tool to gently pry off the flip cover.

6. Remove the smart buttons on the side of the flip assembly. Set them aside for reassembly.

7. Lift the flip cover away from the flip assembly. Be careful not to damage the display flex cable.

8. To replace, insert the smart buttons into the phone. Ensure the buttons contact their respective switches on the display assembly.

9. Align the flip cover to the flip assembly, gently press the flip cover onto the flip assembly until the flip cover latches engage.

10. Insert and tighten the 4 screws to secure the flip cover to the flip assembly. Avoid damage to the flex cable.

11. Insert the 4 rubber screw covers over the flip assembly screws.

12. Replace the transceiver board assembly, rear housing, antenna assembly, SIM, battery, and battery cover as described in the procedures.

Guide is compatible with: RAZR V3, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3r, RAZR V3t, RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3m

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Anonymous said...

I needed to remove my camera for work. This was very helpful, but all I did was remove 4 screws & took cover off carefully, then took lens out & lifted flex connector out. Now I have a nice phone without camera! Thanks....