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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - Repair Tutorial & Guide - Tear Down & Rebuild

After a few weeks of work, as I mentioned in an earlier post -- I have completed the Motorola RAZR V3 series of tear-down and rebuild guides. These tutorials will enable you make any almost any fix or repair to your Motorola V3 phone.

Here are the most common usages for these guides:
- Replacement of the front cover (skin)
- Replacement of the back cover (skin)
- Replacement of the SIM card
- Replacement of the battery
- Replacement of a broken or damaged LCD display screen.

This is the complete list of guides, in the order that you will need to complete them:

  1. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the battery - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  2. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the SIM card - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  3. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the back cover - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  4. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove and replace the antenna - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  5. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the transceiver board assembly - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  6. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the front cover - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  7. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove the camera assembly - Step-by-Step (Pictures)
  8. Motorola RAZR V3 - How to remove and repair the LCD display screen - Step-by-Step (Pictures)

With the tutorial above you can completely rebuild and replace your Motorola V3 RAZR phone.


Amanda said...

This might be a really stupid question, but... how would I go about replacing a cracked keypad? I've been looking at these on EBay, and as far as I can tell, they just snap in and out rather easily... but there is apparently something called a keypad flex cable that goes behind it? Do I need to replace that as well?

Ken Hanscom said...

The keypad flex cable is what attaches the keypad to the phone itself so it can receive the signals. So, if it is not damaged -- you do not need to replace it. If you want to be safe, you could replace both.

SD said...

I've got a V3 that was dropped, the battery contact block is loose and when the phone powers up it asks me to insert the SIM card (which IS in btw ;))
Is there anything I can do to repair it?

x said...

Hi, I purchased my razr when it first came out LONG TIME AGO. I love my phone. However, a few months ago, my key pad started not working properly. I can make out going phone calls. However, when you dial a number and you need to select a prompt, that's where I run into problems with my phone. As much as I try, the buttons will not work when I need to hit a number to select a prompt. Furthermore, the same problem occurs when I check my voicemail. I can check my voicemail for messages, however, when I need to hit the pad to delete or save a message, the key pad won't work. So I'm thinking either I need to replace the keypad, replace keypad flex cable, or re-connect some connectors and possibly see if it'll work. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Hey i borrowed a phone from my friend and a couple of days after my screen went black but my key pad stil lights up as if it is switched on will u be able to tell me whta is wrong and how i can fix it please????:)

I havnt told my friend what has happened so i would like 2 get it fixed before she needs it again thanks

Lucy !!

Ken Hanscom said...

Lucy, without more details (such as was the phone dropped?) it sounds like you have a bad LCD screen on the phone. Perhaps a hard reset or removing the battery for several minutes and trying again would work.

However, I would not be too hopeful with the symptons you are mentioning.


Anonymous said...


I have a Motorola V3 and yesterday it was working fine. This morning the battery was low and I wasn't home so I turned it off. When I got home to charge it, it wouldn't charge. It won't turn on or anything. I put in my husbands fully charged battery and it still wouldn't work. The phone wasn't dropped. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks


Ken Hanscom said...

Before you do anything, I would try someone else's battery in the phone. Highly likely that your battery is a goner and needs replacement.


Anonymous said...

i've had my motorola v3 for almost 2 years and is in perfect condition.
never been dropped, never had water damage.
yesterday my phone was working fine and i woke up this morning to the keys not working besides the end (red) key.
it will only work if someone calls me, so i just open to pick up.
but other then that, when i try to dial, nothing shows up.
i know that your supposed to take the front cover off and clean the connector that goes into the hinge of the phone with alcohol then reconnect, but that didnt work.
i also dont feel like paying the 75$ motorola is charging to fix it.
should i try again?
any suggestions?

thanks a bunch

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Allie.

Sounds like the keypad could be going bad. You might be able to pick one up on eBay or for a few bucks and give that a try before spending the $75.

Best of luck!


Steve said...

I would like to that you for the manual on minor repairs for my phone. There is one thing that I haven't been able to find online anywhere. My V3 won't hang up or power down when I close the flip, it also won't power up or answer calls when I open the flip. Is there anything that I can do that I can't see? I have the phone ripped apart on my desk and any help that you could provide would be great.



Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Steve.

I am sure there is an easy configuration flip switch for this using P2K Commander or P2K Tools. However, being on vacation in Italy the next couple of weeks -- I will not have the opportunity to look it up. Will flag this as a research item once I return.


Anonymous said...


So I have this Motorola Razor V3 phone which was working fine until I dropped it. Well everything works but the display screen isn't showing. I took it to a cell repair store and they didn't even bother to look at it. They told me to get a new one so I was wondering if there was something I could do myself. Maybe just a wire out of place or something? Well please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Thanks Alot


Jane Fulton Alt said...

My phone screen does not work. Key pad lights up and can hear tones but cannot dial out of get calls in. The red dot on the inside back of the phone is an indication, i was told by verizon, of water damage. tried putting the phone in rice last night. did not work. i hear the phone rev up but can't use it. do i need to buy a new one?
hate to add to the garbage of this country. thanks,

Anonymous said...

My phone was dropped and the end cap/plug came out on the left side of my RAZR V3XX. The flip top portion of the phone fell over and caused one of the cables (video) to tear. The phone works fine except there is nothing showing up on the screen. How do I repair this?

Ken Hanscom said...

For your problem with the torn cable, you likely need to order some new parts which may include a new LCD.

bill said...

I have one that is cracked in half basically.. the visible ribbon cable is torn, and the hinge is cracked.

Is this something you think is reasonable to try and fix myself?

Thank you for posting this

Anonymous said...

Hello Ken, wow great to find you here.

Have a customized-case razr v3 that has been kept in pristine condition. Two batteries, brand new charger. Problem: It will no longer take a charge at all, just cycles through boot up and dies. Minor problem: the battery cover has always been slightly loose.

Any suggestions? I'd love to send it somewhere for repair!

thanks, Bry

Anonymous said...

My wife's RAZR V3XX won't charge the battery. I can swap out a charged battery from another phone and the phone works fine. When I plug in the charger to her phone, nothing happens. I tried cleaning the contacts, but not change. The charger works on another phone. Any ideas?

Larry said...

Hey Ken... my gf has a razr that works fine - except for a minor point... she cannot hear anything that is said by anyone on the other end... The other party can hear her fine. This is obviously a speaker issue - but is this something that can be resolved. I checked your instructions, but didnt see anything about replacing the speaker.

Thanks a bunch.

ducKy Boyd said...

I have the same problem as Larry. My phone (which I love) was working fine up until the other day, when suddenly I couldn't hear anyone on the other end. They could hear me though. Every now and again, I can get normal speaker functions (I can tell when I press the keypad and can hear the beep) but otherwise, I have to resort to using speakerphone all the time. Any ideas?