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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - Resize a video for your RAZR - Step-by-Step

Have a great video that you want to see on your Motorola V3 RAZR, but it is not correctly formatted for your RAZR mobile phone? That recently happened to me, as I received the “Image too large” error message on my phone when I tried to play the video – even after it was converted to 3GP. The problem was that the video, while formatted properly to the 3GP standard, did not conform to the standard size of the LCD on the RAZR, which is 176x220.

In order to get the video in the right format, you need to use a video converter program. My choice for this task was the Total Video Converter software program. It is not a free program, although it does come with a 15-day trial period. Should it work for you and you want to use it for more than 15-days, then you will need to register it for $45.95.

This video assumes that you have already converted your video file to the 3GP format (guide here), and simply needs to be re-sized. This tool will do more, but it will not be covered in this guide.

Here is the step by step conversion manual.

1. Start up the Total Video Converter program.

2. Choose your destination directory, by clicking on the ‘…’ button on that is towards the bottom for ‘Default Converted Folder’

3. Click on ‘New Task’ --> ‘Import Files’. You will receive a dialog to select your video file. Select the appropriate file, mine was stored in ‘My Saved Files’

4. In the ‘Please select the format to be converted’ dialog, click on the ‘3GP Video’ button under Mobile.

5. Click on the ‘Settings’ button from the main window. Change to the ‘Video Resize’ tab on the top. Select the QCIF(176x144) button and click on ‘Ok’.

6. Click on the ‘Convert Now’ button to begin the conversion of your video.

Once the conversion completes, your video is now ready for upload to your Motorola RAZR V3!


Anonymous said...

The mystery is how to convert a video to 220x176. Any free 3gp converter will let you convert to 176x144.