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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Motorola V3 - P2K Commander Version List, Complete with Download Locations!

What version of P2K Commander software are you using? Did you know that there are 37 different versions of the free Motorola V3 (RAZR compatible) software available? Which one is the right one for you?

Well, if you have any of those questions are you are looking to simply download the latest version of the P2K Commander software -- you have come to the right place! I have most recently been using version 3.2.2 of the P2K Commander software, but will be upgrading and testing out the 4.9.8 version very shortly. As with most software, you will want the latest available to insure compatibility with your phone!

Update: The original provider of P2KCommander discontinued the site and I have updated the downloads below to be up-to-date with the most accurate locations. Currently downloads are available up to P2KCommander V5 and V6.

If at any point you find these no longer work, please let me know with a comment!

Below is the list of P2K Commander Software versions:

P2K-Commander_3.3.0_Deutsch.rar 29-Apr-2008 09:18 117K 04-Jul-2008 08:15 2.4K
P2kCommander-0.1.tar.gz 29-Apr-2008 09:18 318K
P2kCommander-V3.3.0-(Italian_Version)_by_flash.tato.rar 29-Apr-2008 09:16 126K 29-Apr-2008 09:16 146K 29-Apr-2008 09:15 139K 29-Apr-2008 09:15 146K 29-Apr-2008 09:15 146K 29-Apr-2008 09:15 147K 29-Apr-2008 09:15 288K 29-Apr-2008 09:14 288K 29-Apr-2008 09:14 120K 29-Apr-2008 09:14 121K 29-Apr-2008 09:14 124K 29-Apr-2008 09:13 124K 29-Apr-2008 09:13 124K 29-Apr-2008 09:13 123K
P2kCommander-V4.9.2.zip29-Apr-2008 09:13 123K 29-Apr-2008 09:13 121K 29-Apr-2008 09:12 122K 29-Apr-2008 09:12 122K 29-Apr-2008 09:12 130K 29-Apr-2008 09:12 296K 29-Apr-2008 09:11 214K 29-Apr-2008 09:11 139K 29-Apr-2008 07:54 353K 29-Apr-2008 07:54 353K 30-Jul-2008 20:42 357K 01-Aug-2008 20:55 357K 13-Aug-2008 21:26 358K 18-Aug-2008 22:09 358K 03-Sep-2008 21:37 376K 30-Sep-2008 20:48 378K 03-Nov-2008 08:26 379K 04-Dec-2008 14:59 417K 06-Jan-2009 21:11 419K 04-May-2009 15:02 415K 29-Apr-2008 07:54 368K 29-Apr-2008 07:53 558K


New phone said...

4.9.8 Works with my V3T! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can't find the 2.8 driver said...

I cannott get any version of this software to work with my phone, please help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks A Lot mate. Nice Work!

Anonymous said...

Which drivers works bestwith vista ?
So far 4.9.8 & 4.9.6 have crashed !

Marcelo said...

Hi Ken!
I need some help if you can, of course.
I've installed everything right and many times using different drivers and P2k versions.
All I've got is that my phone is connected but showing no files at all. I can't even upload too.
Do you know what can be my problem?
Best regards and thanks in advance!

Ken Hanscom said...

P2K Commander is not available in a Windows Vista version. Please see this post here:

Ken Hanscom said...

For anyone having issues with P2KCommander, a couple of things to try:

#1 Go to option, P2k tuning and select either Standard P2k commands or Safe (slow commands)

#2 Select a different Phone drivers/Partitions. Either /b for the Transflash card, or /c for the i398 user partition.

Ken Hanscom said...

P2KCommander Version 4.9.C is now available here:

Zebba funkin Dee said...

Hey Ken, I can install the drivers ok and get my v3 charging but as soon as I open p2kcommander up while the phone is connected the program has an error and closes down. As well as this windows keeps reporting new devices even though I already installed the drivers. Ive tried the two newest versions of p2k.

Anonymous said...

I have a Razr V3c, and it IS being read by the computer. However, when I use the P2k and and select the /a P2k Phone System option from the left dropdown menu, the whole thing freezes and crashes. I've tried changing some of the options, but nothing works.

Izzy said...

The links to the P2KCommander are not working they just go to a blank page. Can someone get me a link to download it?

Ken Hanscom said...

The links to the P2K Commander downloads are just tested and working. You may want to check any pop-up blockers you have on and/or hold down Control when you click on it.

Hilary said...

The Whole Thing About Linking Up The RAZR To The Computer Helped Me A LOT,
I Just Can't Get P2K Commander To Recognize My Phone, And It Doesn't Show Up In My Computer.
But It Does Pop Up EVERY TIME Saying "Found New Hardware", So It Must Be Recognizing Something...
I've Installed Everything
Can You Help?

Ken Hanscom said...


What version of the drivers and what phone are you using? What you may want to do is check the P2K Commander compatibility list here to make sure your device is support.


Eric said...

i have a v3 from t-mobile and i got the PK Commander to work (i think it's version 2.8) but every time i click on the P2K Mobile Phone from the drop down links the phone stops registering. i get all the files and whatnot but i just want to delete some files and it won't let me because, after it reads all the files, the phone is no longer connected for some reason. could it be the cord i'm using or something of that nature? i'm just trying to delete the itap user dictionary because the phone freezes every time i try and text. any help would be awesome.

thank you,


Anonymous said...

I have Verizon V3 ...what is the best version to use? I tried the latest and also luck
Please help.

Anonymous said...

OMG Ken dude I really need help I have no clue what I am doing please help me my v3 cingular razr phone screen is broken and I want to transfer everything to the computer and I tried to do it I just need help from you Please!!


Anonymous said...

How do I tell which ver my phone and if it will work with the program.I will watch to see what Anthony will be told what to do. Thank you for your help Ken. This phone stinks and so does MOTOROLA for making it this much of a problem.

Anton W. said...

Good day Sir: I fully know to look rather stupid, I post my question anyhow. So I followed your direction and installed p2k. My phone a cingular version of the rasor from radio shack charges now via the usb. Thanks. For the rest well I am up the creek without the oars. Windows finds the motorola devise however none of the drivers seem to work ie recognized by the installer. I get the following message just before the installer searches:windows could not load the installer for USB. contact .. After clicking OK the installer comes up and although I loaded everyone of the drivers ie p2k on your site nothing will take. HELP I am loosing my cookies. Thanks AWD

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get the p2K commander to work..but it won't work for me.
It keeps saying that my 'volume name fail'. If anyone could reply to my message, that would be great!

kb7ypf said...

HI Ken and all-

Just wanted to thank you for all the information and work you have done. I downloaded P2K Commander 4.9.E for Vista and it works great on my computer. Thanks for all the How To's you put together. You ARE the MAN!

Dick in Sierra Vista, AZ

Tyler Devereaux said...

Thank you for your assistance, sir. I'm having trouble running the P2k Commander software: it instantly crashes whenever I run it. I've tried versions 4.9.8, 4.9.6, and 3.3.3; every time I run the P2kCommander.exe application, I immediately receive "P2kCommander.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Could you please suggest a solution?

Ken Hanscom said...

Tyler, I need to update this page to the latest versions to include 4.9.E, which has been the best version so far. You can get it from here: However, this may also be a driver problem. I would recommend that you have the most current drivers, available here:


Tyler Devereaux said...

Ken, thank you very much. After posting, I realized that your guide said that you had been using 3.2.2 (vice 3.3.3). I downloaded 3.2.2, and that worked for me. I will try out this new 4.9E, though, and get back to you.

Now that I do have at least some functionality with the software, I have two other questions for you:
1) Do you know how to change the company emblem that appears on the small front screen when you open the phone? Can this be set to something custom?

2) Is it possible to add supported file types (specifically, for pictures)? If not, is it possible to reconfigure the behavior that happens when the phone receives a file (in this case, a .bmp) that it doesn't support? It would seem that when the phone receives a file (in this case, via multimedia message) which it doesn't support, it just disregards the incoming file, with no alert or anything.

Ken Hanscom said...

Tyler -- in terms of #1, yes there is. I have a post pending on that that I plan to put up this weekend.

In terms of #2, I do not think there is an option there -- the supported images are not configurable.


Tyler Devereaux said...

Alright, Ken. Well, thank you very much for your help. I look forward to reading your newest guide.

Great work


Ken Hanscom said...

Tyler -- just an update to let you know the guide on how to change the outer LCD image is available here:

Tyler Devereaux said...

Thanks again. Unfortunately, 4.9.E doesn't seem to work for me either =(. I ran that Moto driver installer, which also installed something into my Start Menu labeled "Motorola Device Installer.exe." When I ran that, I had the option to "clean and reinstall," which I'm hoping wiped the old drivers I used prior to installing Moto's. But, when I run P2kCommander (with the exception of v3.2.2), it instantly (ie: as soon as I double-click; no program window ever even loads) illegal ops. If it helps at all, it's tleling me that the module fault is at ntdll.dll. This is a system file, not P2k ... are there system setting I need to (re)configure for P2k to work?

Tyler Devereaux said...

Ken!! I've found a fix.
I'm not sure if this is a "double-edged sword," so to speak, but at least I'm into the program. I knew the problem was with my system, so I started toying around with options, and eventually ended up in the Compatibility options for the executable. I tried disabling "advanced text input services" (I'm not entirely sure what that is, which is why I don't know if it will hinder the program's operation), and the program subsequently launched. Just wanted to let you know of a possible fix.


mjmint said...

I posted this earlier in a different string that may not be active.

I have been using your blog to try and get music/ringtones on my wifes new Razr. We have Vista on a new HP notebook so I downloaded the driver from the motorola web site and now it charges great.

I have not been able to see how to post to the blog and I have a problem

I installed PK commander 4.9.e on the notebook and started it and it comes up and does not ask for anything and says it found the phone. When I try and get to the phone, or try to change to the slow option, it stops responding. I can move the right menu to the music where the mp3 is but cannot get it to access the phone withing hanging.

I have tried doing this with the phone off and with it on and with it connected when I start the program and with it not connected.
It always says it finds the phone when I connect it, but hangs when I try and access the phone.

Tyler Devereaux said...

Have you tried using Bluetooth to transfer the song? On my V3, I just use Bluetooth for simple sound/vid/pic transfers.

mjmint said...


I thought about that but I do not have a PC with Bluetooth.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated.


Tyler Devereaux said...

Let me first say that what happens on my computer (and I can successfully access my phone with 4.9E). If I plug in my phone prior to running P2kCommander, the computer recognizes the phone as "Motorola USB Modem." If I start P2kCommander (with the phone still plugged in), the "Motorola USB Modem" disconnects (denoted by the standard windows "usb device disconnected" tone), and a "new" device is recognized: "Motorola V3." P2kCommander recognizes this "new" device (vice the "Motorola USB Modem"). The difference that I've noticed between the two devices is that when the phone is recognized as "... USB Modem," the computer will charge the phone. When recognized as "V3," the phone doesn't charge, however P2kCommander can recognize it.

That said, when your P2kCommander freezes, why don't you open Device Manager (System Properties, Device tab, "Device Manager"; or, much easier, Start->Run->"devicemgr.msc") and figure out what your phone is being recognized as by the computer. It could be that your computer doesn't have the right driver config to recognize the phone how P2k needs it recognized.
Make sure you're using the device drivers that Motorola released (here), and be sure to read this guide as well. If I understand everything correctly (Ken will be able to confirm), the drivers used for charging the phone are different from the drivers used for interacting with the phone.

Good luck, sir.

Tyler Devereaux said...


The second link I gave you was a guide for installing the drivers on a 32-bit/XP-based machine. here is the guide for Vista/64-bit.


xxllxx_8_xxllxx said...

Vista Ultimate x64...

Download version 4.0.0 unzip to desired folder eg: Desktop/p2k

The drivers should install upon unzip

Download version 4.9.8 unzip to same directory select to overwrite/replace all files.


mjmint said...

I do not have Vista 64, I have Vista 32 Does this work for both?


mjmint said...


Thank you for the response.

Using device manager I checked the drivers here are the results

Before running P2kCommander
it is a Motorola USB Modem
After Running P2kCommander
it is a Motorola USB device with the Motorola Logo and subcategories
I checked and the driver I loaded was the 3.3.0 (the one you indicated)
I checked the document you recommended and everything is OK until step 6 P2kcommander has never indicated loading a device driver when started. When I tried P2Ktools it did ask for and load some device drivers, I am not sure it it was the right ones as it loaded them automatically. It was working fine until I tried to access the /a I got a USB timeout and if froze and now i am getting Not responding.
When I start P2Ktools, it loads the same Motorola USB device driver

I tried to cut and paste a picture of the device manager screen but cold not paste in this window.

Any help or ideas from anyone would be appreciated.


Tyler Devereaux said...

It sounds like you've got all the drivers loaded. Have you experimented with starting P2kCommander with/without the phone plugged in? P2kCommander will automatically recognize the phone if you start it without the phone connected, and then connect it (I just tested it on 4.9.E). If you haven't already tried this, start up P2kCommander without the phone connected and see if it gets running alright. Then plug in the phone and see what happens. Another suggestion would be to go Start->Motorola Driver Installer->Motorola Driver Installer.exe, select "Clean & Reinstall" and then click "Start." Then try the whole P2kCommander deal again.

Anonymous said...

Latest version reads my V3re

keolab said...

new version wont stop crashing.. Any Ideas???

LadyJ1015 said...

I was using V4.9.C and it kept crashing with Vista. I came across a post that said something about the 3.2.2 version so I thought I would give it a try and SUCCESS it loaded on Vista. I am new to the whole phone "hacking" thing but I have backed up my files. Just wanted to say thank you for the 3.2.2 d/l. !!!

Anonymous said...

I am having some issues with texting on my razor v3. In order to sovle the problem, I have been told to upload the software cd which I dont have. I have been googling free downloads but I'm coming up nothing. Any ideas?


Jared said...


Is the RAZR V3xx is compatible with P2kCommander? I seen that V3 and V3x are....just hoping, thanks.


Wael said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this stupid thing keeps crashing on me , I am using Windows XP SP2...what da hellllllllllllllllll ?

Trance said...

Wael: I've been getting the same error, been up for many hours of the night trying to figure out what exactly is causing all of this to happen. I'm going to attempt with the newest version on the V3re and ill let you know what happens if you haven't tried already yourself.

Anonymous said...

I see someone above got it to work with a V3re. This is excellent news...especially when Moto's own MPT program rejects my phone as incompatible.

Now if only I could get pk2commander installed and operational. I tried to follow the "install" guide, but the latest version is has different options. I'm no computer dummy...and yet, I can't get it to work at all.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the latest p2k commander..once in a while a pop up comes up to close the file but even then i ignore it and it works! most of the time the last version of p2k works good with me. i have xp pack2 and its ok. has alot of glitches but eventually it works okay!

Anonymous said...

It works!

Thank you guys works with my Moto V3

Ron said...

Anyone but the one Anon guy up there get it to come up on a V3re? It recognizes as a modem, and will charge, but commander does't connect. There are two drivers it is looking for when I boot up commander, and I cannot get it to like anything in the p2k folder.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the link. The P2K commander worked great for getting my pictures off my old phone. However, I got a new RAZR phone and tried to copy the pictures from the PC to the phone but the new phone never popped up with a "pictures" directory (even after I used the camera to take a picture). Any ideas?

Ken Hanscom said...

Most likely you're looking at a new version with a slightly different directory structure OR they are stored on a memory card (not sure of your phone). Best to try either the other partitions OR possibly wander through the folders. If you find them, please let me know where so I can post for other readers.


Joanna said...

I am having trouble with the P2K. The P2K does not recognize that my phone is connected. What have I done wrong? I successfully managed to charge my razor w/ your steps, but I am unable to transfer my music and pictures from my computer to my phone.

Kim said...

Ken or Tyler......Do you know of a version that works with my RAZR v3m ??????

Anonymous said...


freddy said...

Thank you Ken, I bought a RIZR Z3 today; I expected it to install as a USB Mass Storage device when I plugged it in. No, I forgot, this is Motorola. I looked at the Phone Tools CD that came with it and said "No thanks." Then I went googling and found you 2nd or 3rd try.

I can hardly believe the phone won't even charge without a driver installed. What do I do if I'm away and my phone needs to charge, there's a computer with USB cable but I can't use it cuz no driver. F__k that!

Anyhow, I'm going fine with P2kCommander now. It's a bit rough around the edges, but works fine after I got the lay of the land.

When I get up some courage I will look into how to change the penguin animation and maybe stop the bloody thing wanting to connect to the internet all the time.

So, thanks again, Ken. You're a champion.

Bloody Bonnie said...

Yet another satisfied customer! I have a Motorola V3r. Initially I used P2k version 4.9 and had some difficulty with the files becoming corrupted after transferring. But I switched to version 3.2.6 and had no problems! Am finally able to download a years worth of photos! Thanks so much Ken!

Donnie said...

Hey Ken, I was hoping you could help me with a problem.. I have version 4.9e of P2K Commander and everything works just fine when i connect my phone (Razr V3re).. i can see the a:/mobile and everything else.. But i was wondering how do you install Java apps.. ex. games, onto the phone? I can drag and drop the jar/jad file but that just puts it on the phone's harddrive.. it doesn't actually install it.. please help!

Anonymous said...


heres the step by step..

(you must have motorola's moblie phone tools installed, w/all the neccessary drivers)

then.. as your phone is hooked up to one of your USB ports.. (Windows XP with either SP2 Or SP3 will recognize it as a motorola modem.. this is normal.)

then go to your control panel (located in your start menu).. and go to Phone And Modem Options. then click on the tab "modems" it will list the cell phone as number 1,2,or 3. then look under the "attched to" part of the menu... it will say COM and then a number.. rembember the COM number.

you will then open your P2K commander, and click "options"

there should be a checkbox for "use comport", or such... check the box, and then put in the com number, in the box on the right.
** DO NOT just put the number. you must type COM.. it wont work unless you do that.**

then, P2K should recognize the phone.. and the left menu.. use the drop-down menu to select drive a. then hit the "re-read" button..

ta-da.. you are now in your phones files.. :)

hope this helps :)

- JD

Anonymous said...

Heyyy ive been trying to use ur program to put a bunch of free games on my phone :)

Motorola Razor V3

and my comp detects my phone and i can even get into the memory stick in myphone going through my computer.

But the p2k doesnt detect my phone at all idk what to do or where i would need to go to find the games folder? plz help

send any help to

Julio said...

I have a motorola renegade v950 and i'm having problems accessing the I guess new drive /F so I was wondering if anyone had away around it. The reason being. My phone stopped functioning after using the IM application for a while. And there doesn't seem to be any phones coming into the store and it's already going to be a week. So I figured that if I remove the IM application it might resolve the issue of it trying to startup with the phone OS.

Any thoughts?

If you wanna see what i'm talking about just go to youtube and search ORIF9 I made a video about it.

Anonymous said...

tried newer 5.0.x and no luck,
tried 3.2.6 and got a virus warning !!
Tried 4.9.8 - GR8T !!

V3 AT&T Razr

jay said...

Hey yall. I need just a lil help here. I have a motorazr v3s. Which version would be the best for my phone? I tried a few different versions, but my phone is acting crappy on the computer. I'm running xp, so I thought the older versions would work. Tried a few newer versions also, but none of them seem to work. I got a free version of motorola phone tools, but that doesn't recognize my phone, either. Please help.

Kevin said...

I'm trying to harvest pictures from my V3. Is there any way to tell exactly which P2K version is right for me? I am currently using V3.2.2 but it won't detect the phone and it is connected properly with Motorola Drivers installed. Windows is picking it up, but not P2K...

Anonymous said...

Using Windows Vista and downloaded V4.9.8 and everything worked perfectly with my Rzr V3.

All I had to do was download the driver from the motorola website.
Let Windows install and fail. A help option will pop up and suggest you download any updates for your phone.
Download and install.
Run Pk2.
And viola!

Anonymous said...

I accidentally let windows incorrectly install my V3,
Is there any way i can undo the installation?

jr said...

good grief, i followed the guide step by step and could not get my v3 detected by p2k commander.. until i followed Tyler Devereaux's suggesting of running p2k commander WITHOUT the phone plugged in, and then plugging it in once p2k was up and running. voila, my computer finally recognized all of the drivers and i was able to connect. one thing though, the program "crashed", or at least said that there was an error and the program would have to close, but if you just move that box out of the way and don't click ok, you'll still be able to use p2k commander just fine. thank you so much Ken and Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Help. I can get P2K to connect to my phone but it locks up every time I try to do ANYTHING. I've tried almost every version from 3.26 to the last one. The last 3 versions never connect to the phone. Ver 4.98 connects every time but locks up as soon as I try anything. I have slowed down the speed to stanrad and even slow without effect. Any help would be great

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

FYI RAZR V3re works with 4.9E version of P2k. This device is not in the list above.

chelsika said...

anyone know which one would work with a v3m?

mig said...

hi..can anyone pls help me?i installed a skin in my motorola v3 then after applying the skin to my phone i installed another skin..when my phone restarted my phone, the screen was just black but i can see the battery meter and signal can i fix this?i already deleted all the skin using skinman but my screen is still black..can anyone help me solve this problem?thanks...

Marty said...

My Norton detected a virus in the V. file. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

i got the driver (p2k com. v3.3.5) and when i pluged my phone in the drop down menue had an option that said "p2k mobile phone" so i clicked in and it just went to my mane hard drive any hlp.
phone v3c
comp vista

Crystal said...

NONE of those links work!

Anonymous said...

none of the pklinks work!!! plz get them working.

Chuck said...

Amazing...! My V3m is not recognized in ver.6.0.0 "No update is available". Should I try again using the "usblan" option?
Thanks, Chuck

Randy said...

I worked like a charm. Scanned for Virus nothing there. It even let me delete photos the the phone wouldn't let me. Now I have more space.
Thank you for something that really works. P.S. I already had drivers on but the software that use to work had to be replaced with PK

Jeanne Gatz said...

Hi Ken,

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the wealth of information you've provided. Two-and-a-half years ago the screen on my RAZR (V3) actually broke off of the body but I kept the phone because I had more than a few favorite newborn pictures and videos of my baby (now 3) on it and I knew I could eventually find something out there that didn't cost much. You were the google search result with the most convincing title (I think you're #1 too) so I clicked. Just this morning in less than an hour I was able to copy everything to my computer with P2k and the extras, which, I don't know if that made a difference but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gem said...

Hello, your site has been rather helpful but I am still unable to access or download photos from my phone onto my computer. I am running the latest windows but my phone is old - Motorola Motorazr V3xx. Which P2Kcommander would be best to use????

Anonymous said...

With version 4.9c, I closed a warning message in the middle of loading a movie file from pc to my phone and all of a sudden from there on only "3 filenames loaded in 6031 milliseconds." I could only see 1) a/a 2)a/brew/mod/arcmedia/at_confirm.wav (size 5694) 3)P2k:/a/brew/sys/en/ (size 21644). It does not allow me to see anything else even though I tried restarting everything all over. please help. thanks very much!!!

Jose said...

thank you, p2k commander 6.0.0 just worked to save some old stuff from a razr v3!

faye said...

i am stuck at step 7. it does not say "P2k Mobile phone". it says "/a P2k Phone system". is that the same thing? FYI: step 6 did not happen to me. i am running on windows 7. and i own a razr v. help pls! thank u!

Anonymous said...

Great info. It worked like a charm with my Motorola razr V3RE. I used the latest 6.0.0 and it worked fine. Some of the older versions 3.3.0 did NOT work.

For some reason P2K tools did not work for me...but P2KCommander saved the day for me.