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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Playstation Portable - PSP Tutorial – Fix your broken UMD drive door – Step-by-Step (Video)

Having a problem with the UMD drive door on your PlayStation Portable? If so, and you are having problems with your UMD disks staying put in your PSP or if your UMD drive door will simply not stay shut, then this is a quick fix that may help you out.

The good news is that it is not necessarily a fatal defect that requires you to return you PSP to Sony. Generally speaking, the latch the locks the UMD drive door is out of position and just needs to be adjusted. If this is your problem, then this tutorial is for you.

1. Inspect the silver metal latch with your PSP UMD drive door open. Most cases are that it is bent in out of position and is lower (down) from where it should be. When you close the UMD drive door, there is nothing for it to grab.

2. Lightly take your thumb and ever so slightly bend the back towards metal latch tab towards the top of the UMD door opening.

3. Congratulations. After this, your UMD drive door should close properly and also stay closed when an UMD disc is loaded. If it does not, attempt to adjust a little more and retry.

Note: That as when doing any modification or repair of a defect yourself on your PSP, be very careful and any mistake may void any remaining warranty.

In addition, below is a video I came across on Google videos which demonstrates the steps in the guide. See below for the video.



Thanks Man you saved me!!!

Rejoy said...

omg i luv u man
u r the man
i adore u
howd u figure this out
i had to use two rubber bands for the past year and u saved me
thank u so much

Anonymous said...

wow oh my god, i bought a psp from a buddy at work and it wouldnt close, i kept cutting off the circulation in my leg because id hold the umd door with it. this totally worked!! thank you soooo much!

Anonymous said...

yo thank you so much i was going to buy a new psp door and everthing if it wasn't for u i would hav thank you so much, u deserve an award thx

Anonymous said...

WOW thanks alot was going to sell it as broken and now i can sell it regular THANKS ALOT

Anonymous said...

I woz getting so worked up coz i didnt kno wat 2 do and u saved me!!

Anonymous said...

yo men u saved me i though i broke a piece and i shpuld pay to repair it :) men u saved me u r my hero :) u saved me 30 box

Anonymous said...

Legend man!!!

Cant belive it was such a simple solution.

Cheers man =)

Anonymous said...

thanks man

Before this, I was using tape to keep my umd door shut lol


Slava D'ArzCar said...

Thank you. :) I dropped my PSP and I thought it wouldn't get fixed. It'd stay closed for a few seconds, then pop open.