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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

PSP Tutorial – Replace your faceplate – Step-by-Step

Have you ever wanted to modify or replace the faceplate on your Sony Playstation Portable? If so, this PSP Tutorial with video demonstration is for you. This guide provides instruction on how to replace your Sony PSP faceplate whether it is cracked, broken, or if you are simply if you are looking to mod, modify or change your PSP.

Both a video embed below, and the written instructions are included.

Dis-assembly of the face plate:
1. Remove the screws to your Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). There are five screws that you must locate to remove your faceplate. It is important keep track of different sizes and colors of your screws as they are different.

2. With the face plate side down, pull from the bottom of the PSP up. The bottom of the PSP should disconnect first and then the top should snap off and be the last part to disconnect.

3. Remove the rubber pads covering the circle, square, triangle, x, and d-pad.

4. Remove the d-pad, as well as the circle, square, triangle, x, and d-pad.

5. Remove the bottom black button strip, which may glued down to your original Playstation Portable (PSP) faceplate.

6. Now you remove the rubber covering the analog nub & mechanism.

7. Finally, remove the analog nub & mechanism which requires the removal of 2 screws. These are different from first screws, so keep them separately. Be careful not to twist the plate as it may crack and make sure to keep track of the washer that covers the mechanism.

Re-assembly of the face plate:
1. Replace analog nub mechanism with washer, align the screws and tighten.

2. Replace the rubber nub on the faceplate and cover with the rubber.

3. Replace each of the circle, square, triangle, and x buttons back on the face plate.

4. Replace the d-pad.

5. Replace the rubber covering over the pads.

6. Replace the bottom button strip and reassemble your PSP.

Congratulations, you have changed the faceplate on your PSP!

Video of faceplate change:

Credit to Home Town Boy for creating the video.


Anonymous said...

hi there!

thanks for all the psp tutorials. learned a lot from this site.

i am replacing my psp's face plate from black to white so your blog is really helpful. in terms of changing the backplate, how do i go about it?

hope you can help me some more and more power to your site!

Ed Angeles
Manila, Philippines

Anonymous said...

hello, i have done this without the help of a guide, but i did everything correctly, but now my dpad down doesnt work correctly, i have to push it hard, and sometimes when i push it it pushes the up button immediately after, and also my start button is very sensitive, i can push the bottom corner of my screen and the start menu will pop up in a game. ive taken my psp apart numerous times and re-tightened the screws and nothing seems to work, please help.