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Friday, March 02, 2007

RE: Officially Cursed Status?

A follow-up on a recent Cornerstone Conference posting by yet another owner.....

I have been giving this whole "cursed" thing a whole lot of thought and
I've resolved that there is some merit to curses.

While my team's high level of "sucking" is in large part due to my
poor draft of which I take full responsibility for (despite the fact
that I end up with the last or second to last pick in the draft every
year regardless of where I finish.). I have begun to give greater
credence to the whole cursed thing.

So below is my analysis of the anatomy of a curse, and what some of the
players I believe to be ones that will drag your team down and lead you
into fantasy hell.

Carmelo Anthony - what was I thinking? Trading a stand up Christian guy
who had by far and away the coolest dunk at the dunk contest for Melo?
Ever since this guy appeared in that video where he's laughing
in the background as some thug is condoning killing cops he became off
limits. I'm an idiot.

Carlos Boozer - That guy was cursed ever since he screwed Cleveland and
took off for Utah. Seriously, Dude's off limits. He's Cursed and getting
what he probably deserves. Remember This:

Boozer: "Jim (Paxson) let me out of the last year of my contract and
I'll re sign with you guys"

Jim Paxson: "Duh... OK...."

Boozer: "Hey Cavs! Screw You I'm signing with Utah"

Seriously Boozer is cancer.

Kobe Bryant - I'm not sure what to say about this guy. But I've yet to
see a fantasy team get to the promiseland with him as the
centerpiece.... Especially since Cordillera. I still contend that Kobe
will never win another championship in real life but only history will
bear that true. As for fantasy, the fact that this guy would be in jail
if not for money and a lot of really good lawyers, buyer Beware I
say.....I like to refer to Kobe as the class B felony OJ Simpson of LA.

Ron Artest - Shouldn't have to say anything about this guy.

Dwayne Wade - Dwayne Wade is the victim of what I'd like to say is guilt
by association. Last year when Pat Riley exctracted the blood from Stan
Van Gundy in what could only be described as an NBA voodoo ritual, My
first response was: "Riley will get his". Riley's win at all cost
philosophy will put many years between this last championship and his
next one. If he even comes close to winning again is up for debate.
While he won last year, his questionable character has lead to some
pretty bad Karma for his players. While I'm not ready to stay away from
Wade for a life time, one could argue that Riley sentenced Wade to major
shoulder surgery with his mob tactics in the firing of his coach.
Concurrently, he sentenced some unsuspecting fantasy owner to an Alamo
type of pummeling right around playoff time.

David West - He Belongs to my "Something going on with the team" curse

With the downfall of Peja, Paul, West and other various and sundry
players on the Hornets, one can be only conclude that someone on that
team or affiliated with that team has some issues. Is the uniform guy
looking at Kiddie Porn on his free time? Something is up here and it
merits some attention.

I could go on and on. But Man I feel for you. Not as much as I feel
for those having to endure the level of suckage coming from the Bullets
this year. For future I highly recommend (as I will be doing) giving
consideration to the "curse factor" in your future fantasy transactions.