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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday in Malibu, California – Star sightings and more

I forgot how much I enjoy sunny Sunday afternoons in Malibu, California. Since we go to church at Malibu Presbyterian, it is a frequent opportunity for us. Today was the first day in some time where the weather cooperated – in fact it reached a high just north of 90 degrees.

That being said, I think everyone had the same idea that we did. A 90 degree day in early March is a great opportunity to really enjoy Malibu and hang out. Especially at the Cross Creek Market, where parking was pretty problematic for the center. We were heading to Marmalade Café, which is just a great overall place to eat – salads, sandwiches, soups, and tons of entrees that can really be enjoyed.

Afterwards a stroll over to The Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf provided some sun rays, relaxation and entertainment.

To that point, the stars were out.

Our first encounter of the day is that we ran into Matt Leinart, with a baby and girlfriend. (Brynn Cameron? Maybe not.) That were heading into Marmalade Café just as we were heading out, I did a quick double-take as he was a bit shorter than I imagined. His player card at lists him at 6’5”, but on Sunday in casual Malibu, I would say he might be 6’3”, but closer to 6'2". Well, then again Shaq is listed at 325lbs, I don’t think so.

Then for the odd sighting of the day, a well known or visible site for anyone who has been to Hollywood or Universal City and has seen a billboard. Across the parking lot coming towards us was a Mary Kay pink Corvette with the plate ANGLYNE rolling towards us. A quick glance at the license plate and you knew what was coming your way. That’s right, it was Angyline Angelyne – the lady from the billboards in Los Angeles was driving towards us. While we peered briefly into the vehicle to confirm it was her, she waved nicely to us and was on our way.

Quite surprising, indeed. What a day in Malibu, I feel there will be many more this year!