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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Audi A4 2.0T B7 ECU Upgrade Completed!

Today (Monday) was one successful day for the 2006 Audi 2.0T (B7) car. I had the great pleasure of taking it down to the Neuspeed offices in the Camarillo, CA to have the ECU / Engine Management upgrade put into my Audi A4.

I showed up to the Neuspeed facility at my appointment time and was a little surprised at the parking lot in front of the showroom at Neuspeed. It was virtually empty. Then again, this was in the middle of the day on a Monday – not sure how many folks are out having their cars tuned. Very quickly I was helped and they pulled my car around to the bay to have the engine management software upgraded.

While I was in the showroom, I ran into another Audi enthusiast out from Colorado that was having an ECU upgrade performed on his Audi A6 4.2 as well as having the exhaust worked on. He had been waiting for some time just for this trip out to Los Angeles.

Once my car was pulled around, I was able to watch from outside the bay (insurance reasons) while the work was done. I had the opportunity to chat it up a little with Aaron Neumann, who has appeared in numerous magazines with his various creations from Neuspeed. Aaron actually performed the installation on my Audi.

On that note, I really enjoyed the conversation with Aaron. Aaron took the time to explain the value of the Neuspeed upgrades and why in his opinion it was the best choice on the market. After the conversation, I was extremely glad for my choice with Neuspeed. He also mentioned, that while there were a lot of various upgrades that could be done to my car – until a K04 turbo became available at a reasonable price – to just stick with the ECU / Engine Management Upgrade on the 2006 Audi A4 2.0T B7.

After a couple of hours, everything was success. On the way out, the showroom guy mentioned – now the car is the way it should have come. I could not have agreed more.

How does it perform? You’ll have to see in an upcoming article. Let’s just say I am pretty happy with the price and performance.


Anonymous said...

how much was the total price in the end?

Ken Hanscom said...

It was less than $500.

Chris said...

Does upgrading this void the warraty from Audi in any way? Why is it that people seem to wait to have 15,000 miles on their cars before they do this? What is the B7 that everyone talks about... is that just a regular Audi A4 2.0T, and if not, will this upgrade work on a regular one?

Ken Hanscom said...

It can, depending on your dealer -- void the warranty. Some are more willing to work than others. B7 is just the body name for the model of the A4. There had previously been the B5, B6, B7, and in 2008 -- the B8.

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of the chip upgrade? was it worth it?

Ken Hanscom said...

Definitely worth it. Would completely recommend it -- based on my experience so far. See the details in my various posts since that time at: