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Friday, April 20, 2007

Audi A4 ECU Upgrade Update

Finally, I am back in the saddle. It has been a couple of long weeks of buisness travel, and some things have to fall to the wayside. However, I am now back and have good news. Finally, having just completed the 15,000 mile service on my 2006 Audi A4 2.0T (B7) front-track, I am taking the next step to get my car "chipped'. In fact, I have an appointment on Monday afternoon at the Neuspeed headquarters in Camarillo, CA to have the ECU upgrade or chip put into my Audi A4!

As I mentioned, in my previous post comparing a few of the manufacturers, it was a difficult decision as to who is in the mix. The manufacturers I considered were:

  1. Neuspeed
  2. Revo Technik
  3. APR
  4. GIAC

It was a pretty difficult decision as to who toen trust my Audi A4 to perform the software upgrade. In the end, a combination of the performance and reputation of Neuspeed in my area of Southern California really won out over the other manufacturers. They really work closer with the combination of my dealership to provide the best overall service and performance. It is not necessarily a knock against the other providers -- just the facts in my area.

This will be the first of a couple of modifications that I will be looking at for my Audi A4. The only thing that preserves my desire to get more aggressive is the fact that I did not end up with the Quattro car. However, we'll save that for my next Audi -- after the next generation of A4's come out in the next year!

I will be reporting back Monday hopefully with pictures and first impressions of the ECU / Engine Mangement upgrade from Neuspeed!


Brian said...

Looking forward to it...

Ken Hanscom said...

The upgrade is complete, read about it here.