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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bi-Monthly Update for April

As part of keeping everyone updated with the happenings here at, I will be publishing a bi-monthly update on the site – the reason for bi-monthly is that it will be a challenge to even keep up with it at that frequency! The update is to include several informational items, including statistics and changes to the site.

Here is the list of the changes since the last time I published an update:

  • Modified the template to have a 3-column template
  • Added a tag cloud to better track the frequency and types of posts
  • Enhanced search to allow you to search both this site and all of Google
  • “Read More” functionality to enable you to get an overview of each post on the main an search screens without having to read every single article.
More importantly, here are the statistics since the update. In a word, the changes in traffic over the last two months are both impressive and overwhelming. For the month of January, the SomeLifeBlog received a total of 2951 visits. However, for March that number jumped all the way up to 30,984 – an increase of over 1000%, wow!

On the referral front, Google still dominates the visits to the site, accounting for over 75% of the total visits continues to be a problem, as the site still has not included my listing in their directory for personal home pages with absolutely zero updates. That may account for the real lack of performance from Yahoo or other search engines. I could go on a rant here why Microsoft and Yahoo! continue to loose ground in the search game, but I won't. For now.

February had a total of 46 posts, and there were 66 posts in March. Thus far, April is not off to the greatest start – this is my first post that I am writing here on April 7th. But hey, I’ve been a little busy. :-)