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Monday, April 09, 2007

Blackberry 8800 – Extended Life Battery

One of the major new selling features of the Blackberry 8800 series from Cingular Wireless (the new AT&T) is the fact that it included a new “Extended Life” battery. This new battery, included with the device could keep you up and running for long periods of time, even while you were without your in-wall or USB cable charger. From my recent experiences with my Blackberry 8700C device, this was a welcome addition – assuming it delivered on the promise.

You see, with my 8700C, I could rarely make it more than 24 hours without having to charging the phone between the usage of the phone, the email, and also the instant messaging. In many cases, I frequently had to turn off any instant messaging programs that I was running (Google Talk, Enterprise Messenger, etc) so that the battery would make it over the weekend or when I was traveling. The question was, how will the Blackberry 8800 compare to it?

Now that I have had my Blackberry 8800 in use for several weeks, I am happy to report that the Extended Life battery is truly extends the useful life of the device. I have yet to run the battery all the way out and I have left all my data and voice services in play, even on two and three day trips. In fact, the device has not gone below 50% remaining on the battery life, and I even continue to use the Blackberry 8800 as a wireless modem when I am traveling. Before with the 8700c, I would have been lucky to get 12 hours out of the battery.

So, if you are in great need of a longer lasting battery and not having to always have your Blackberry device connected to your computer via USB – it is another great reason to choose the Blackberry 8800. The extended battery life will really reduce the chances you have of being stranded!