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Friday, April 27, 2007

New Version of P2K Commander Available 4.9.A

A new version of the P2K Commander software for your Motorola V3 phone is now available. Recently released is the new version,

Here are the new items in this version:

  • Seem and file editing on-the-fly with xvi32 enhancements
  • After saving data p2k commander will automatically upload it.
  • Scripting: Download seems
  • Smartrefresh bug fixed
  • Can handle new file system (fs) with V3xx /e

Also remember the keyboard accelerators or hot keys:

  • Tab: switch active panel (left/right)
  • Alt-F1 , Alt-F2 : drive select
  • Alt-R : RereadBackspace: goto parentdir
  • F2: set file attributes (p2k filesystem)
  • F3: view file (using lister or if not found, notepad)
  • F4: edit with notepad
  • F5: copy
  • F7: create a directory
  • F8 , Del : delete a file
  • F9: restart p2k phone
  • F10: exit
  • Press starting letter to jump a file.

You can get it here: 02-Apr-2007 02:04 140k