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Friday, April 27, 2007

Update: Thieves on a Plane - United Airlines

Well, I have good news -- I finally heard back from United Airlines regarding my Thieves on a Plane incident back on April 16th. If you recall, I had $200 and a pair of Oakley (sigh) sunglasses stolen from my seat on the flight. Shortly afterwards, I submitted a web request to them explaining the incident. Finally, after a second submission and over a week from the first request, I received a response from United Airlines.

This is the text that United included in their response:

Mr. Hanscom, I do apologize for the inconvenience caused you as a result of your missing $200 from your wallet and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. And I'd like to explain the process concerning lost items on United, United Express and Ted or in United gate areas: File a loss report with our Baggage Service office upon arrival. If you've already left the airport, you may file your report by phone. Please call United reservations (in the U.S. 1-800-864-8331) to obtain the phone number of the appropriate airport's baggage office. If lost items are given to our staff we will keep them in the airport's Baggage Service office for a minimum of 14 days. We check items for the owner's name and address and try to reunite an item and its owner. Our staff will only contact you if your item has been found. Please understand that United's liability for a customer's missing articles covers items included only in checked luggage on all domestic routes and unchecked luggage on international flights.

The good news is that United was apologetic in terms of my experience and what happened on the flight. The bad news is that they completely misunderstood what I complaining about, or it just was a form response with my complaint mixed in. I replied to clarify to United that the items were stolen from me on the plane, and not from my baggage that was checked.

Still, the even better news is that United offered a $200 travel voucher as a courtesy for the bad experience. That left me appreciative, and somewhat lessens the sting of the incident sans the loss of the Oakleys. It would have been even better had they understood the nature of the initial complaint.

I wonder if they will respond to the other email....


Anonymous said...

The flight credit has alot more to do with your Premiere status then anything else.

You complain, they check thier log of activity on your account. If you are not on the 'problem child' list then they consider your hi$tory with United and issue a credit based on your complaint.

Ken Hanscom said...

I agree that is the probably the largest reason for the resolution to the issue. From my perspective, obviously skewed is that the amount I fly with United and the loyalty I have to them -- there should be some benefit.

Of course, I would prefer for it to be more of a matter of good will.