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Sunday, May 20, 2007

24 – Does this make any sense to you? Monday 5/14

Does this season of Fox's 24 make any sense to you? I know I am struggling with it.

This season of 24 has been probably the most disappointing of the ones that I have watched so far. The plot is so messed up at this point that while still entertaining – it has taken a major step back. I am still not sure what I am supposed to care about this season. There are way too many storylines and complications here and none of them have been fully developed.

Here are some of the major storylines and the lack of resolution:
- How the heck is Wayne Palmer doing? Isn’t he the President of the United States?
- We were attacked by some fanatic members of an Islamic group
- In Santa Clarita, CA a nuclear bomb was detonated
- Jack Bauer is back after several years in Chinese control
- Audrey Raines mysteriously dies while looking for Jack and appears disheveled from torture and promptly is escorted off by here father James Heller.
- Chinese authorities are trying to capture Russian military technology on US soil
- Chinese authorities attack CTU in order to make an attempt to kidnap Jack Bauer’s nephew.
- A fling between the Vice President and his aide is revealed along with her affair with a known Russian spy
- Jack’s father, Philip Bauer is still deeply engaged in this espionage / treason trying to sell military technology and get a hold of his grandson. This week we finished with CTU kidnapping him from Jack after he rescued him from the Chinese attackers.

As you can see, there is way too much going on, even for an episode of the television show 24. With only a few episodes left, there is way too much to tie together to finish it all. While it is still one of the better shows on television, this should not go down as one of best seasons of 24.


Ched said...

Does this season of Fox's 24 make any sense to you?

Perfect sense. Don't you think they'll be able to bring all 37 of those plot lines to a satisfying resolution in two episodes?

My prediction for the last hour: Either Tony (back from the dead) or Chase (with a mechanical wrist) will come and pick up Jack, and they will go off to fight crime together in Australia.

Ken Hanscom said...

Ah, but you forgot about Audrey. How do you see her playing into the final two episodes?