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Monday, May 07, 2007

24 – Jack Bauer Sidelined – Monday 5/7

I am the first to admit that I am addicted to Fox’s hit series, 24 with Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. This is the 6th season or “Day 6” of the series. I have seen all of them, and this season has been my least favorite so far.

In what I would consider predictable, this is the season where things have come out of nowhere, especially in tonight’s episode. Let’s recap what happens:

  • James Heller takes Audrey Raines away
  • Nadia will not allow Jack Bauer to engage in the investigation to track down Chang, effectively sidelining Jack.
  • Doyle team is checking on "Bloomfield" to track down the Chinese to get the Russian component back.
  • Josh Bauer and his mom Marilyn Bauer make a re-appearance at CTU.
  • White House insider story continues with Lisa Miller & Noah Daniels
  • Chang decides to try and attack CTU.
  • CTU gets attacks by Chinese; Jack gets out of his holding room and takes out 3 Chinese attackers.
  • Milo is executed out because he said he was director of CTU
  • The Chinese & Change are looking Josh Bauer rather than Jack.
  • Josh get separated from him mom & Jack and is in the ducts during an attempt to escape.
  • Josh Bauer gives himself up in order to save his mom
  • Phillip Bauer is back in the picture and enabled the kidnapping of the kid, in apparently a deal with the grandson for the repaired circuit board.

Some definite captain obvious moments tonight – mainly with Chang attempting to attack the CTU. The only twist is that he is after the grandson Josh rather than Jack. The whole family thing with Jack this season is out of nowhere. Crazy enough that Graham was in Season 2, and then is a centrally a character in this one – as Jack’s brother.

Still, only a few episodes left until we reach the conclusion! I’m sure Audrey Raines will make another appearance before the end!