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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars: And the Winner is…

My first commentary on any show on television (TV), but I thought this one was worth the write. For the first time in 7-8 seasons I have watched this show, finally a team I was cheering for on the last leg won the million bucks. In this case, it was Eric & Danielle – a somewhat unlikely, but effective combination.

You have to take your hat off to any team that is yielded two times during the Amazing Race and still has the ability to finish in first. Not to mention one of the more likeable terms. While Eric’s commentary can be questionable at time, they played a relatively straight forward game unlike the “blondes” (Dustin & Kandice) or Mirna and Charla.

The finale of the Amazing Race All-Stars (Amazing Race 11) was once again a little anti-climatic. The race for home (San Francisco) was interesting, but was filled with a lot of flights, and too much information into a one hour show. What happened to the two-hour finales?

Unfortunately, the tasks in this leg – opposed to previous legs were mostly physical, which put Charla & Mirna at a significant advantage. It became clear on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai that their 10-minute lead would dissipate quickly on the corresponding hike and kayak adventure. With the physical ability of the other two teams, they were quickly left behind.

The last roadblock was a pretty interesting idea, but the execution was questionable. Had Dustin and Kandice finished the Race first, many would have questioned the parameters of only trying to match the numbers for 10 minutes for giving up. It seems apparent that a lot of this race is dependent on teamwork and communication. A couple minute penalty for not being on the same page seems a little small. Luckily, Eric and Danielle finished off the race.

Here’s to next season, and the finishing order of this season.

Eric & Danielle
Dustin & Kandice
Charla & Mirna
Oswald & Danny
Uchenna & Joyce
Joe & Bill
Terry & Ian
Rob & Amber
David & Mary
Kevin & Drew
John Vito & Jill