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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blackberry 8800 - Google Mobile Maps and GPS Now Available!

Wow, Google now has GPS enabled Google Maps for Mobile (GMM) available for the Blackberry 8800 smartphone for Cingular! I had recently mentioned in an initial installation of Google Mobile that I thought it was simply a matter of time until Google would figure it out and build the software to access the internal GPS in the Blackberry 8800 mobile phone.

Ironically, I had just recently download and installed TeleNav for Blackberry with the free 30-day trial that comes with it -- not to mention a pending post. Now, I will need to give the Google Maps for Mobile with GPS a try and see see how it goes. This is very exciting and you can be sure I will be trying it out and reporting back soon!

Here are the details from Google:

You Are Here — Even when you're lost, you'll always know where you are. Your location appears on the map itself, and moves as you do (you're the blue dot ).

Where's the nearest... — Find what's around you without entering your local information. Don't know the zip code of an area? No problem. Maps will look up listings around you, so you can get that cup of coffee, late-night pizza, or last-minute bouquet.

Is there traffic up ahead? — Plan your route in advance with traffic updates + GPS. See where traffic starts relative to your current location, and avoid delays.

How do I get there from where I am? — Get directions to where you're going without needing to type in your local info. Save time (and avoid sore thumbs).

In all, sounds like a very exciting and competitive package. I wonder if there is a nice voice that can be used to direct you as well?


Michael said...

I came across GMM about a week ago, so far it has been unreal. Sometimes the map takes a moment to update but the satellite view function is awesome. Only thing I noticed on a road trip this past weekend, the traffic information isn't always the most accurate.