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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blackberry – Is your Blackberry Waterproof?

Funny question. What do you think? No, that is not it – I did not drop my Blackberry 8800 in a pool or puddle on my last business trip. It is alive and kicking still and it is still my favorite device of all time.

Back to the question – it is somewhat rhetorical. Of course your Blackberry is not waterproof and I do not recommend that you try in order to prove that it is. But did you know that RIM knows if your Blackberry has been in the water? How is that you ask – well, if you take your battery cover off of you Blackberry wireless device, you will notice there is a small white square sticker on the inside of the case. (For the Blackberry 8700 series, it is in the lower left hand corner. On the Blackberry 8800 series, it is underneath the battery, so you need to lift it up in order to see it.

Blackberry Waterproof 8700 8800

Is yours not white? Is it a reddish or pink color? If so, then your blackberry has gotten very damp or wet at some point. Whenever the sticker on the inside of the Blackberry comes into contact with water, it immediately turns a pinkish color from white. If that happens, then the warranty on you Blackberry is voided.

If you ask for a replacement device because your Blackberry device is damaged or not working properly – this is one of the questions the warranty replacement representatives will ask you. That is, can you open up the back of you Blackberry and tell me the color of the white sticker on the back of your Blackberry.


Anonymous said...

That's true - I met someone from RIM this week and they can tell if its in water.