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Thursday, May 17, 2007

David Stern on Dan Patrick’s show regarding suspensions

I listened to the podcast of Dan Patrick’s show today where David Stern argued with Dan Patrick about the decision to suspend Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw of the Phoenix Suns. David Stern comes off sounding like a complete jerk and looking like an even bigger idiot. It’s a shame the way that David Stern and Stu Jackson have made themselves bigger than the game. Have they ruined the series? Who knows. What is clear is that the entire public (other than San Antonio fans) are questioning their integrity. I know that I am.

Some say that the rule is black and white and there in no room for interpretation. However, Stu Jackson and David Stern were in direct violation of that and guilty of a large hypocrisy in not suspending Tim Duncan for Game 5. There is no question that Tim Duncan left the bench area, the only place for interpretation was whether there was an altercation. By simply clarifying or defining that, Stu & David compromised their position and unfortunately the leagues' integrity.

While Stu Jackson made the ruling, David Stern had every opportunity to overturn it. Rather than making a bold move and differing from the opinion of the useless Stu Jackson, he conformed and continues to ruin this league every day that he is in charge of it. Only earlier this year after be adamant about the new “leatherette” NBA basketball being a necessity, only to renege a couple months later and restore the real ball back to the NBA. When David looks back on this decision a few months from now, there is no doubt that he will regret it.

Unfortunately the saddest part for me in this incident was the fact that Robert Horry was involved. A cagey veteran, I’ve always been a big fan. Being a Lakers fan, how can I not be?

On the same note, the hypocrisy in the commissioner’s office continues to amaze me. How has Bruce Bowen avoided being suspended for at least one game in this series? Was Kobe Bryant not suspended twice this year for an unnatural shooting motion where he caught a couple of players with inadvertent elbows? How anyone can say either his knee to Steve Nash’s crotch area or the attempt to injure Amare Stoudemire during a dunk were anything other than “unnatural” is beyond me. Preferential treatment for the league’s dirtiest player dumbfounds me. Had Kobe Bryant performed either of these antics, there is no doubt the suspension would have been quick and harsh. Shame on David Stern and Stu Jackson.