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Saturday, May 12, 2007

"An error occurred accessing the website application data folder" on Virtual Server 2005 R2 Administration Website

A couple of days ago, I reported that I fixed the major performance problems with my Dell Dimension 2400. The root cause of that problem happened to be some prevalent bugs in Microsoft Window's Update Services. With a couple of patches, KB927891 and KB927891 -- the problem was solved.

Feeling somewhat ambitious, I decided I wanted to try out a couple of new things on my computer and promptly downloaded Microsoft's free Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition to setup a couple of Virtual Server / Virtual PCs. The download and installation were quick and seamless.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Server R2 Enterprise Edition

The important point to mention here is that I am running Windows XP Professional on my PC. The account I log into an account that is part of the Administrator's group. After the fresh installation completed, received and odd behavior when attemtpting to connect to the Microsoft Virtual Server Administration Website, "An error occurred accessing the website application data folder".

At first I thought it was a basic permissions issue, however the IIS configuration looked alright. I next changed some user permissions and folder permissions and that did not work either. After doing some quick Google searches, everything seemed to reference a problem with Active Directory, a domain, or Microsoft Windows Vista. None of those applied to me, so I decided to tweak the IIS security settings for the Virtual Server's Virtual Directory (VirtualServer) -- too much virtual there. I accessed the security tab on the virtual directory and clicked on 'Edit' under Anonymous access and authentication contol. I unchecked the box for Anonymous access.

An error occurred accessing the website application data folder

And that fixed the problem right away. It also may help you out if you are having issues with error messages like "You do not have permission to access the event viewer." or "Could not connect to Virtual Server. Access was denied." Good luck!


Anonymous said...

If it is the case that a reader is using Vista, set the Application Pool to 'Classic .NET AppPool', and disable ASP.NET Impersonation. The only authentication enabled will be 'Windows Authentication'.


Steve vB.