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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Golden State cannot finish off the sad Dallas Mavericks

Sitting here watching what perhaps may be the most exciting NBA basketball game I have witnessed in some time. Every bone in my body is pulling for the Golden State Warriors to send the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban packing for the summer.

In the end, the Dallas Mavericks dodged a serious bullet coming back from 9 points down with 3:10 left. Golden State, with some awful shot selections and questionable decisions gave this game away. My guess is that it may come back to haunt them -- anytime you cannot close someone out.

I was hoping to write an obituary for this sad, sad Dallas team. Hopefully, I can write that after Game 6. This team is really a reminder of the Sacramento Kings teams of a few years ago -- great regular seasons and cannot finish. We will see what happens.

Some observations from the game:

Dallas fans lack class. When Baron Davis stepped to the line in the 3rd Quarter the entire crowd was chanting "You Suck, You Suck." That's something you expect from Mark Cuban or from Philadelphia, not an entire arena filled with people. It made the entire Dallas fan-base look, well -- awful.

Everything tonight is a struggle for Dallas, while Golden State just appears to be having fun.

Late update, apparently Dirk Nowitzki is playing in this series. He just had a block and 2 3's in the last couple of minutes. Where has this ghost been?

If Dallas wins, will Jason Terry be suspended for Game 6 due to his flagrant pile-driving of Baron Davis in the 3rd quarter?

We'll see how this continues Thursday night!