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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Wifi in Mountain View, CA (GoogleWIFI)

In my many trips to the Silicon Valley over the past few months, I had never thought to or noticed the availability of the Google WIFI service available to my IBM T60 Centrino Duo laptop when I was specifically in Mountain View, CA. I had read about it a lot in the past about its availability in the Mountain View area as well as the press around what was being created in San Francisco.

That was until today. I had my first opportunity to try out the Google WIFI (GoogleWIFI) service in Mountain View, CA. Pretty impressive, I must admit. It was super simple to setup on my Windows XP laptop and best of all, it was free!

All I had to do was search for an available wireless network and select the GoogleWIFI service to connect to. Almost immediately I received an IP address on the network. Then, when I went to my browser they requested I create a GoogleWIFI account, or simply associate my Google account with the WIFI service. 15 seconds and I was in.

Once connected, the service was generally fast. I would pretty much equate it with any Wireless LAN that you may have been on before. Definitely fast than general airport or other hot spot speeds. Pretty symmetrical upload and download speeds as well.

Try GoogleWIFI sometime when you are in the Mountain View area, you will be impressed!