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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Nintendo Wii – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 (Golf)

I have new favorite game – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. This is the case where an EA Sports and Nintendo commercial is the direct reason why I purchased the game. I think it was two weeks before the Masters tournament and EA Sports aired a spot during a Sunday NBA game. I saw Tiger Woods taking a couple of swings on the commercial and thought – I have to have the game. I immediately went online and purchased the game for the Nintendo Wii.

As I mentioned in a recent posts, I have all but given up on using my Playstation 3 (PS3) until some better games come out. That being said, when a sports game like Tiger Woods Golf 2007 comes out and has the interactive play that the Wii does – I will always choose that over the Playstation 3.

That brings up an interesting aside. The other day a pizza guy was delivering pizza and somehow we got on the subject of the Playstation 3 (PS3) and the Nintendo Wii. He mentioned something about how great Tiger Woods Golf 2007 was on the Playstation 3. I asked him if it was any fun – and that I choose to buy the game for the Wii ($20 cheaper) rather than the Playstation 3, because it was more fun. His response was that the graphics were great on the PS3 – I thought to myself – who cares about graphics on a golf game? Yes, they are important to some extent, but at some point there are diminishing returns. In a game like golf, the game play is the most important.

However, I digress. Let me get back to the Electronic Arts (EA Sports) game of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 golf for the Nintendo Wii. This is the most fun game I have played in quite a bit of time. I have played previous versions of Tiger Woods Golf and the new items for 2007 are definitely improvements.

New game play includes One-Ball, Team One-Ball, Bloodsome, Greensome, Elimination and Team Tour.

Perhaps the most fun I had is with the new One-Ball game that came. Basically, you tee off against another player sharing a single ball. You alternate shots with your opponents, each time having to make half the distance towards the hole. The goal is to put your opponent in a bad position to get you close enough to the shot or put them in “Betrayal” where you get to hit two shots in a row. This mode helps you really develop your shots from tough positions.

Game play is the most important feature of Tiger Woods 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. The club swing and play from the tees and fairways are enjoyable. The Wii-Remote (Wii-mote) controller responds very well to a fairly natural golf swing. Once you get the feel, you can hit decent shots fairly easily, of course with occasional miss-hits that many of us see on the real courses!

Playing off the fairway is where things start getting tough. What this version of the game does not give you is the quality of your “lie.” In previous versions and other golf games, you can see what percentage of your full power will be applied with a swing. This can be very frustrating especially when you are 35-40 yards around the green. Often times the carry is 50%-70% of the expected and you can end up in a worse position. However, it is manageable once you understand it.

Putting was the most difficult area to learn, and the most unnatural from a golf perspective. The Wiimotes do not respond well to quick motions that you make with controller – often times either not registering it or by using too little power. To make a decent swing, you need to swing the Wiimote smoothly and deliberately back until you reach the desired power and then swing forward. What has been the most frustrating with putting is that on several shorter puts, the Wii-Remote will not register it. Some times, I have had to swing as many as 10 times in order to get it to register. Distance putts generally come up short, so always swing hard!

In all, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2007 is a great game. Thus far, I have been able to complete the Tiger Challenge to gain the #1 player ranking in the world and I am currently working through the PGA Tour. Since the PGA Tour is for 5 years, it will take me awhile to get there!