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Sunday, May 20, 2007

P2K Commander 4.9.C Available For Download and Installation

A new version of the P2K Commander software for your Motorola V3 phone is now available. Recently released is the new version, This version is also known as P2KCommander 4.9C, and is available for installation with basic instructions from here.

The most recent package while significantly larger than the last few at 296k appears to have a couple of files repeated in it, rather than some new or additional installations. In addition, if you do not have the drivers for P2K Commander, then you will also want to download version 4.0.0 in the file as it contains the necessary drivers. You can get that here.

Version 4.9.C seems to me mainly a very minor point release with the following enhancements from Version 4.9.A:

  • Searchable seem functions via the F6 key
  • Updated seem bit tables

Also remember the keyboard accelerators or hot keys:

  • Tab: switch active panel (left/right)
  • Alt-F1 , Alt-F2 : drive select
  • Alt-R : RereadBackspace: goto parentdir
  • F2: set file attributes (p2k filesystem)
  • F3: view file (using lister or if not found, notepad)
  • F4: edit with notepad
  • F5: copy
  • F7: create a directory
  • F8 , Del : delete a file
  • F9: restart p2k phone
  • F10: exit
  • Press starting letter to jump a file.

Below is a complete version history of P2K Commander from the ChangeLog.txt:

Tooltips added.
watermark wallpaper for listviews.
New hotkey Alt-R for reread, Commands from menu.Maximize!
Reduced flickers when resize. Increasing filename column width if possible.
URL Hyperlinks in aboutbox. Drivelist with names. Restart menu/F9. Bugfixes
Correct checkmarking in limit menu. Reduced flickering when resize.
Satus bar with phone info. Refreshed after actions! Attrib dialog works on one file.
Progressbar while copying up/down.
Size optimization (using jpg images).New icons from Pagefusion.
With amazing SmartRefresh !!! (after createdir and upload file).
It works with multiple files also!
New Options dialog with trackbar to limit files (instead of limit files menupoint).
SmartRefresh for deleting file(s).
Real stupid bug fixed in Attrib dialog. Setting attrib now works!
SmartRefresh after Attrib works now!
Fade-in/out. New look for drive select combobox. Backspace bring to parentdir.
ascending/descending indicators on listview column headings
Some minor bugs fixed. Make parentdir always top of list!
splitterbar between left and right panel, rightclick context menu on rightclicking filenames
Easyer half of Drag'n drop: Dropping one file from external app, and CTRL-V/Paste works.
2005.05.06. Friday
WHOOOOOAAAAA First succesful attempt to get filelist from 3G phone !!!!!
This is my own another low level p2k code. Not Vilko's source.
Thanks to Bo Kamp Dudek, to execute experiment on his phone.(I have no 3G phone).
New options: FadeIn/Out, and the new P2k3G routines (works on e1000 too).
Warning if file limit is not "unlimited".
File association to *.p2kc batch files via creating registry entries.
Execution dialog to process *.p2kc batch files. Almost done. See the "Future section"
CDMA/Brew phones like V265,V262,T710
Multiple partitions tflash and /c in i398
Noob alerts on/off in options menu
OCSI experimental code
OCSI bugfix,write activity logfile
OCSI: file delete command,phone powercycle optional
Fixed win2000 bug!
check if s4m is installed,if not s4m filetype associated,and executed,warning msg drop.
autoupdate from net. P2kAutostart included.
P2kAutostart fully integrated.
------V3.2.5---- and V3.2.6
Many bugfixes
Bugfix (setting current directory)
Start to rewrite p2k routines to multithreading
More multithreading. You can close wait window, and browse filesystem while loading filenames!
Can read /e partition.
3.3.2 remember window size,pos,drives,filter
Set COM port manually
Separated messages file
Attributes can be entered as hex number (experts only!)
Remember folders.
FileFilter filecount fix
p2k05 usb packet log and interfaceindex introduced
RIZR Z3 and L7e are works now
0 files found bug fixed
new p2kautostart
compatible with new 2.6.2 drivers
Seem manager
w2k bug fixed, before upload you can change destination path
w2k bug fixed when drivelist items >10
p2k05 is starting, can read phone model/status
getting filelist, read files/seems
write files !!!!
new volume selector and log window, gui polished
manual volume setting, view on p2k drive
suspend bug fixed
p2k05 autodetect
brand new seem manager
w2k fixes,seem preview with xwi32
if you save data in xvi32 will upload seem data
seem bit function scriptable see scripting.txt
seem and file editing on-the-fly with xvi32
after saving data p2kc will upload it.
scripting: download seems
smartrefresh bug fixed
can handle new fs with V3xx /e
searchable seem functions (F6)
Updated seem bit tables