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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

P2K Tools Download and Comparison Guide

On the most recent version of P2K Commander, there is a very interesting document which talks about the various programs that are available to hack or mod (modify) your V3 RAZR or other P2K phone. The document describes the various programs and compares their functionality. I have reproduced it, along with links to the available softwares should you want to download them and try it yourself.

Available software:

P2kman download (also called P2K Manager or P2K Phone Manager)
available here.
FlexEditor download (also called Leader GL Flex Editor XP) available here.
Moto4lin download available here.
TC Plugins Manager download (also known as Total Commander) available here.
P2K Commander 4.9.C Download and Instructions available here.

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P2KMan FlexEditor moto4lin TC plugin P2kCommander
Manage Files 1st Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Panel Display No No No Yes 1st
Smart Refresh No No No Yes 1st
Create Field No Yes Yes No 1st
3G Phone Support No 1st Yes Yes Yes
CDMA Phone Support No No Non No 1st
Multiple Partitions No No 1st No Yes
Create Field on /b No No No No 1st
RIZR Z3 No No No No 1st
P2k 05


No No No No 1st