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Friday, May 11, 2007

Survivor Fiji - Yau-Man Cannot be Outwitted - 5/10

Unexpectedly this season of Survivor Fiji is turning out to be one of my favorites, in the latest set of installments of this reality television show. The reason it is unexpected is early on, all of my favorite "characters" were eliminated as one team dominated the other. A common theme from the last couple of seasons.

The reason it has become my favorite is that this may be one of the best, if not the best games played solely based on strategy. To this point Yau-Man has pulled off an incredibly strategy -- with high integrity -- something that has not been ever seen in this game. Thursday night's episode was more of the same.

Here is a recap:
We return to camp of Bula Bula with Alex just voted out.
Boo is making a path so he can creep up and over hear what people are talking about.
It's the car challenge and Dreamz is the only one without a car. They are playing for a an 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty -- first time for a Ford vehicle, all previous had been Chevrolet.
Boo pulls his team through after being way behind. However, Yau-Man wins the 2008 Ford Super Duty after a couple of key tosses of the hatchet in the finals. Yau-Man makes a deal for the car with the Dreamz, sending himself to Exile Island.
Yau-Man may have made the smartest play ever if he can find another Idol.....Strategy and kindness. Dreamz realizes the strategy play to get rid of him and decides he needs to get rid of Yau-Man before the final four. Dreamz tries to work the system.
In the Immunity challenge, after Dreamz started impressively, Boo won immunity -- his 4th overall victory in a row!
After Yau-Man comes back from Exile Island, he reveals the clue to Earl.
Earl promptly finds the 2nd immunity idol in a tree, insuring that him and Yau-Man each have an idol.
At tribal council, after sensing "bad vibes" Yau-Man decides to play his immunity idol. Good thing, otherwise he would have been blind-sided. Stacy goes home.

An absolute play of genius tonight by Yau-Man. First, he insures himself a 1-2 shot of getting the immunity idol once in the final four based on his deal with Dreamz. Not only that, but he looks like a good guy. The rest of the tribe cannot "Outwit" him either. Admittedly, their best option was last week to flip the game with Alex -- however big mouths led Yau-Man to feel "bad vibes".

Most guilty of this was perhaps Stacy. She opened her big mouth and mentioned something about the vote being split at tribal council. Dumb. Had she simply said, we're united in everything at this point -- who is going home tonight is a no brainer then perhaps Yau-Man would have been sent home. However, her dialogue with his keen sense of the situation caused him to play the idol at the right time. Great play, I cannot wait to see next week!