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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apple iPhone: Just Wait, Be Patient

With thousands of Apple iPhone groupies and speculators alike already standing in line outside of Cingular Wirless and Apple Stores nationwide, I have one message. Wait to get your Apple iPhone, it is not worth it. Not only is the Apple iPhone already over-priced, but it is seriously under-featured with what you get.

And let's not forget the problems that dogged the early versions of the Apple iPod. There were issues with reliability, screens scratching, and more. You can guarantee as the next couple of weeks unfold wer are going to hear about them. In addition, the phone, while providing a great media, Internet, and provides some wow features -- is missing some very important -- even critical features.

First off, the phone is not 3G or third-generation capabable. That means only the slower EDGE network and really no high-speed Internet transfers. So, who cares if you can view the internet as it is? Without a 3G network, it is useless -- unless of course, you live up in Mountain View covered by Google's WiFi. It's a non-starter for the release.

Then, let's talk about missing GPS functionality. Huge gap here, any decent phone has it now. Being somewhere and being able to get anywhere for a visit, stop, or a bit to eat is a must have in a new product.

Next there is the whole third party software and application support. Things like Instant Messaging, Adobe Flash, and PDF viewing, etc. Basic every day pieces of functionality that you need to have.

Corporate email server integration. Missing, and a big hole where RIM's Blackberry service is dominant. That's a big feature for a lot of folks with the money to afford the device.

Finally, there is the ability to download purchases from iTunes directly to the iPhone. While this goes back to the first point about 3G, it is again a major shortfall in the product. Hard to marry both worlds without it.

So, in a word -- wait until the 2nd generation of iPhones. Do not spend your time our money wait for this product that while having an impressive "wow" factor is 2-3 year behind the other products on the market. It's no Blackberry.