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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Blackberry - Phone Call Log Confusion

This is something I have learned in a few conversations over the last week or two. There is a decent amount of confusion around the functionality and the specifications of the RIM Blackberry phone and specifically around the call logs. I have had that some confusion on a couple of occassions. In fact, this past week it all came to a head and I had to get to the bottom of it.

I received a call from a business contact and before I made the time to save it as a new contact, it disappeared from my call log list. For starters, you can access the call log directly from your main menu by clicking on the "Call Log" icon - no real big secret. When scrolling through the list of the most recent dialed and received calls, you get a list of the last 20 calls that you have made. Unfortuantely, that generally is not enough, and is especially not enough for me these days. Given the recent desktop synchronization issues I had, I remembered seeing the number of calls in the call log as it synchronized was in the hundreds. In addition, from the call log screen -- in some cases in the past I wanted to view the length of a specific call, the call duration. That's not posssible in the call log screen either.

Those phone calls from the log had to be stored somewhere!

And, as it turns out they are. After looking through the help screens on the Blackberry 8800 for the Call Logs, I came across the following text:

Call logs include the date on which you called your contact, the phone number that you called, and the duration of the call. You can also add notes to your call logs. You can view call logs in the phone or, depending on how you set your call logging options, you can view call logs in a message list. Depending on your theme, missed calls might also appear on the Home screen.

Your BlackBerry device stores call logs for 30 days.
The last sentence of course is the key. The device stores the call logs for 30 days in addition to the call duration & lengths.

How do you enable it? That's a slightly different question that will be addressed here, once I finish up that post & how-to guide!

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