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Friday, June 22, 2007

Burn Notice comes To USA Networks June 28th!

A new spy action series is coming to the USA network on June 28th. The series, with character Michael Weston a CIA Operative who is about to get fired from the CIA. Here is why he may have been fired…..

For over a decade now, Michael Weston has been the ultimate CIA Operative deep inside of foreign governments. His tours of duty have ranged from Algeria to Serbia and most recently within the French government. On a recent mission, one of his close counterparts in the CIA framed him on a botched kidnapping to cover up a life of crime.

The kidnapping was to take place during an exchange for currency in a very public place, the Eifel Tower. However, just before the drop was made – the currency that Michael was to trade was switched out for worthless paper. Left with nothing to appease his exchange partner – Michael was forced to go on the run. Leaving in that manner cost the CIA a valuable contact, kidnapped by the nefarious group Michael was trading with.

When the money trail led back to some money trails this side of the Atlantic, Michael was in bad shape. Left out in the cold, Michael received an dreaded text message on his wireless Blackberry 8800 device that told him the message, you’re on a Burn Notice.

Is this how it really happened? Check out USA Network's Burn Notice to find out!