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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hidden Mickey: Disneyland: Entrance Plaza

Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland are a very exciting sight. This is another in the series this month that will detail a good number of the Hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks.

So, we headed to Disneyland this past weekend for the last open day for our Southern California Season pass until we hit the high and heavily blocked out season. As we approached the entrance, we noticed a new Hidden Mickey for the first time.

In order to find this Hidden Mickey at Disneyland pay close attention as you approach the gates for admittance. Once you get close look very closely around the ovals that are on each of the buildings by the entrance. Then, look at the top of the wood work on the top of the oval porthole and you will see the formation of a Hidden Mickey!

For the detail, look at the arrow in the below picture:
Hidden Mickey Disneyland Entrace Scrollwork