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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Choose Verizion FiOS instead of Cable

I have been talking about "upgrading" my TV connection from Time Warner cable to Verizon FiOS for a couple of months. And today, I finally ordered the upgrade to the cable Fiber Optic Service for my television.

The reaason that it took so long is that I wanted to see how good the FiOS network really was, and I have been out of town on work for a few weeks. However, after having rock-solid performance on the FiOS network for broadband Internet (15M down / 2M up), it was time to make the switch.

Plus, timing could not have been better. Verizon FiOS TV just announced a promotion where they are offering the movie channels free for 60-days when signing up -- not a bad teaser to sign on to Verizon. In addition, if you are willing to commit to the service for a full 12-months, they'll hand you $5 a month credit on your bill.

As an additional item, I requested two HDTV (High Definition Television) boxes which are the Motorola 64XX series of combinition HD receivers and DVR. (Digital Video Recorder) I was tempted to get the multi-room DVR, however if you only have two televisions its cheaper to get two HD/DVR receivers rather than doing the multi-room with a second DVR receiver. Plus, you can have additional recording time if you cannot record everything in one room.

Why did I choose to leave Time Warner? Well first off, they are more expensive. Secondly, their service and upgrade to HD has been pathetically slow. Being in an area that was acquired from Adelphia, we have always felt like second class citizens to the company. It will be great to have both Internet and Television service from the same provider.

My installation date is currently set for Friday, July 6th. I will update once the installation is complete with all the details.