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Monday, June 25, 2007

Kobe Update: Are We Getting Garnett?

Wow, news moves really quickly. Early on, according to the Los Angeles times, it looked like there was a strong possibility that the we in Lakerland might get Kevin Garnett to pair up with Kobe and end this possible madness here in LA.

The owners of the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have begun talks for a trade that would involve sending Kevin Garnett to the Lakers, league sources said today.

The talks turned into discussions about a four-way deal among the Lakers, Minnesota, Indiana and Boston, in which the Lakers would have gotten Garnett. However, the deal broke down, reportedly because the Celtics didn't like what they would have gotten, ending the four-way negotiations.
However, this joy was short lived because it looks like the deal has since fallen apart -- shame on you Boston.
If a proposed trade were made, Lakers Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and an additional player would come to Minnesota in return for Garnett, according to the Los Angeles Times.

That deal could offer the Wolves a young center with potential in Bynum, and Odom, a solid player to bridge the present and the future. Trading Garnett away would thrust the Wolves into full-scale rebuilding, and those assets could help accelerate that process.

But there might be more work left to make the trade. Wolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale wants young players and high draft picks and isn't thrilled with the Lakers' offer of Odom and Bynum in addition to another player to make the trade work under the NBA's salary rules, the Times reported.
Apparently, Boston was not getting enough in the four team trade that would have involved Jermaine Oneal, Kevin Garnett, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum. The great news, is that Kobe seems to be out of the trade picture for now.

Hopefully we get our man in Kevin Garnett and can look forward to a great season next year!