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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kobe Update: Local Media Updates Us

Not more than minutes since I wrote the article about how I would love to see Kevin Garnett join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles that I came across a few other articles talking about the subject. I often ignore the majority of articles outside of Los Angeles as the bias against the Lakers and especially Kobe Bryant is profound. Unfortunately, so bad that it often impacts the quality of journalism. None the less, some interesting things out there.

For instance, the article that resonates most with me from called "What Happened?"

The Lakers passed on many opportunities to improve but none with the impact of landing the Big Ticket.

Garnett has that home in Malibu. He's looked great next to Bryant on All-Star teams. He's an intense competitor who only played beside a true closer once in his career (a healthy Sam Cassell).....

In the end, the realist sits down and marvels "What happened to my Lakers?"
And that's exactly where I am at right now. What is going on with my Los Angeles Lakers? Didn't they start off the season on a tear until injuries devoided them of any opportunities to make real progress? Didn't I see Kobe drop 65 at Staples raining 3's like they were from Heaven?

And now, apparently Kobe Bryant and Mitch Kupchak are on speaking terms. (Sarcasm) I mean, Mitch has been a wonderful GM, bringing players like Jason Kidd, Ron Artest and.....oh wait. Still, the Los Angeles Times reports:
Kupchak declined to provide any specifics of their conversation, which took place a day after Minnesota forward Kevin Garnett reportedly vetoed a trade to Boston.
Unfortunately, the true reality is that Mitch does not have any fact to provide. Overall, I have to say -- big whoop-tee-doo -- I could care less if Mitch and Kobe speak. What I want to happen is Mitch either leave in favor of Jerry West or make a deal and keep Kobe. Bottom line.

Then the Press-Enterprise is reporting that Kobe fans are still remaining loyal to him.
The love affair Lakers fans have with Bryant appears to be unwavering, even in the wake of his recent rants, of his casting aspersions on the entire organization and of his back-and-forth demands to be traded and then rescinding those demands.
Honestly now, who else is there? I mean, if Kobe is gone, aren't we back to the post-Magic Johnson era of Lakers basketball? We all know how that looked until Shaq showed up. That does not mean we stop being fans, but do we really want to be Boston Celtics bad? Yes, our desire to keep Kobe is unwavering. He's the 2nd player EVER to drop 81 points in a game -- and gosh darn it is he exciting to watch in person.

What's your take? I am sure there is more to come on this front!