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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kobe Update: Los Angeles Times Gets on Their Box

The Los Angeles times came out with an article today that the Lakers have no intention of trading Kobe -- because the cannot get fair value. As if this is some bold statement.....however, the article does make some interesting accusations exposing Kobe Bryan and ESPN's Ric Bucher.

Bryant is now being discreet, he thinks. He has dropped out of sight and is now demanding the Lakers' surrender through ESPN's Ric Bucher, one of the few confidants who have lasted throughout his career.....

.....Bucher can't quote Bryant directly, an old habit. Kobe, who had a bunker mentality as an 18-year-old Golden Child, would tell me what was on his mind, as opposed to the pablum he gave out, but didn't like going on the record......

.....Nevertheless, the message is loud, clear and broadcast daily on ESPN's many platforms.
Which in a way, makes Kobe just as bad as the Lakers "insider" that blamed his lack of leadership on the failures of the Los Angeles Lakers organization in the playoffs the last three years.

However, in a somewhat late but redeeming value -- the mention the Lakers will make a play for Kevin Garnett which would make me happy. The offer could look like Lamar Odom and Andruw Bynum getting shipped to Minnesota, which Minnesota might like since Amare is off the tables in Phoenix.

In the end, the reality is that by Kobe going public with his demand he dimished his own value effectively preventing a trade. Will his legacy be tarnished as well? Only time will tell.