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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"The Kobe Video" - The Kobe / Lakers Saga Continues

So, I posted my comments earlier this week about the on going Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers saga. Of course, the news hitting yesterday was the revelation on the "new" Kobe video hosted over at

In reality this news was no news at all. Captured sometime before Kobe's original trade request statement on May 30th in the Irvine / Newport Beach area, the video catches Kobe expressing frustration with a couple of acquaintances in front of a coffee shop. Apparently the real frustration was the lack of action by the Lakers organization in bringing Jason Kidd to the Lakers and shipping out Andew Bynum in the trade.

The reason that this story is not news is it was captured before the trade demand, although news outlets are treating it as something that happened after Kobe reiterated his request to be traded this past weekend. And now, the owners of the video are attempting to profit from the 24 second video (coincidence that Kobe is #24?) in any way they can.

Apparently an undisclosed Los Angeles Lakers fan offered an undisclosed amount of money to keep the video tape private, however was rebuffed by the owners. They have been peddling the video to a number of news outlets with limited success. However, they have now changed their tune and are offering the video to members of the public at a "share" offering of a $1.99 per person. Their only demand is that they exceed 50,000 purchasers in order to equal the amount of the offer by the private party at $100,000. Once they exceed that threshold, they will then release the video.

I will be keeping an eye on the story, it seems very likely that the video will eventually come out......

Here is the clip from their website / YouTube:

(Warning, this video on YouTube does not point Kobe in a good light and captures him using inappropriate language)